Sassy cats — The case of the dead mouse

Gracie: It’s a good time. She’ll never see it!

Gracie here. This has been a marvelous week for all of us except Mollie. The peep is so preoccupied that we could pull anything on her! And we sure did!

I can’t mention exactly who did it (the peep reads this blog because…well…it’s her blog!) but someone caught a mouse. Yes, yes, we do that frequently but this time we did something different.

Instead of putting it out in the open where everyone can admire it, we hid it in the closet so we could play with it during the day. If we leave it out the peep gets all “what’s this dead mouse doing here?” (insert cat eye-roll here!)

If parts are missing it’s even worse. The peep is terrified we’ll get worms from eating mice. They are quite yummy (a friend told me).

Sasha: I’m going to get the mouse! She’s sitting at the table. Now! Get in position!

Anyhow Sasha (who has to be the star) ducked into the closet and came out with the mouse in her mouth. We had bets on how long it would take until anyone noticed. I won! It took three passes before the peep said, “that tail is too long for a catnip mouse!” How astute of her. Too bad Sasha wasn’t fast enough. The mouse was disposed of. The question is how long was it in the closet? We’ll never tell!

79 thoughts on “Sassy cats — The case of the dead mouse

  1. Critter finds in our house this week was a live and very LONG lizard! I’m not sure if a mouse or lizard is worse. One of the good things about the hubby working from home is that he’s always around to deal with the critters.

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    • We don’t have lizards here so that would freak me out! I’m used to mice and even chipmunks being “invited” in when Jake was alive. Now the mice have to come in by themselves and they seem to get caught.


    • In another life on another planet far, far away, I had a cat that brought a half dead mouse in. The mouse crawled under the refrigerator onto a ledge and died. I could not think the stink. I checked under the fridge (because that’s where it was strongest) and there was nothing on the floor. I finally took the front vent (old fridge) off and there was a decaying corpse. At least this was fresh kill.

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  2. Well they figured they pulled one on you and I laughed at “… Sasha (who has to be the star)” – a wee bit of animosity, but because she is still the new kid on the block, even after a year, they did not tell you the circumstances behind the mouse in the closet. They scoffed when you said the tail was too long for a catnip mouse. They are sitting in the catbird seat right now, so to speak. πŸ™‚

    I’d not be happy with a dead mouse either. I already have my “whacking shoe” handy after two days of rain and seeing a new, but empty spider cocoon” in the hallway. He or she is at large, hopefully not in my bedroom. #itsthattimeofyearagain

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      • I started getting those little ants about 5 years ago and I still had my canary Buddy and he sat on the butcher block and I had them at the kitchen sink and they walked everywhere. I was paranoid they would walk over and get in Buddy’s cage and bite him, yet I did not want to use any kind of insecticide in case they ingested it or carried it on their feet and went into his cage. I put out the cornmeal and some water so they’d eat it, expand and die but it didn’t work. A fellow blogger mentioned using Terro Liquid Ant Traps for her ant problems and she has two long-haired cats and a Chihuahua and put the traps under the furniture or stove out of the pets’ way, but deemed them safe. I ordered them at the tail end of the ants siege last year and thankfully ordered a half-dozen packages from Amazon as my store didn’t have them. So I had some left and I put them out two weeks ago – I have still found ants but just occasionally. They are in the kitchen and in my bedroom where they were last year, just at one wall and I have my old computer where I store my pictures near that wall. I’ve been typing and have seen something crawl onto the screen. My mother would have been beside herself, plus she had cellulitis in her legs and any kind of insect bite would trigger a flare-up. Why did God make bugs (especially spiders and centipedes – ants I can deal with)?

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  3. That crew sticks together and didn’t even rat out Sasha. I guess they all wanted to win the bet. Ha. Be nice to Mollie, Gracie. Hope she’s feeling better real soon.

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  4. can I invite your cats for a holiday? we have such an evil critter in our house and it destroyed a lot of things…. someone said they are like potato chips, you have not only one… please baby jeesuz say that this is not true….

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  5. Hahaha! Gracie you have a wonderful sense of funny and you are very good with words that go together and make a delightful blog post. A bright happy spot this morning. The mouse… love to eat them mousies.. Mousies what I love to eat! Bite they tiny heads off, nibble on they tiny feet!~ B. Kliban

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    • No! Both Sasha and Gracie were in the closet many times checking to make sure it wasn’t in there. I’d like to know who killed it. My money is on Morgan but she’s not been as active as she used to be.

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