Sassy cats — Remembering Hazel

On Tuesday it was a year since Hazel passed. I still see her in her favorite spots. Even all the commotion new cat Sasha makes doesn’t dim her memory. Here are my favorite pictures of this sweet cat.

Snoozing with pops

Trying out the new carpet

Hazel: Is it suppertime?

Hazel on the windowsill she fell out of!

Butt buddies with Gracie!

Hazel very regal looking. She was very young here.

Enjoying the porch

Hazel checking on the ‘hood. This was one of her favorite spots.

With her peeps and Morgan on the dining room table where they weren’t supposed to be.

Sunshine looks good on her!

Hazel with new stair carpet. I always wanted a carpet that matched the cats.

With Morgan on the porch on a gorgeous summer day.

Where is dinner?

Goodbye sweet Hazel. We still remember you!

66 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Remembering Hazel

  1. They worm their ways into our hearts and even a year later, you still see her in her favorite spots. I am glad you shared these wonderful photos. What a sweet friend she was. We add to our fur families, but new little faces don’t replace the former. 😦

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  2. Yuck! Had severe flu 2 years ago and in bed for 2 weeks! Caught it in Paris and went straight to bed when I got home! Love my kitty too, adopted her 1.5 years ago, just precious! Also, have 4 Dachshunds and a Shih Tze that I adopted over a period of 4 years, but my precious baby, Pele”, died on September 7th, a puppy mill dog, really sad health when I got him, and he was around 14 yo, I had him 9 years, very loved and missed terribly! Our pets die too young! Hazel is beautiful,, loved the picture of her asleep on part of your husband’s shoulder, sweet!

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    • We call that the butt in the face picture. There are 4 cats here. Each one is loved and each is so different. Gracie was rescued from a hoarding situation. Some odd behaviors but very people friendly. She is the first one to come out for visitors. A friend has a puppy mill dog and it took years and medications to help it enjoy life.

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  3. Oh she was a beauty……and of course you know how I feel about “biggies” – Teddy is 23 lbs. of gentle giant. I always said “just more of them to love” which I’m sure you feel is true having been besties with Hazel for 12 years. She was very photogenic. Sometimes I see Sammy (the cat before Teddy) around the house and while my BRAIN knows he’s not there, my HEART sees what it wants to see. I’m sure Hazel knows what I’m talking about!!

    Hugs, Pam

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  4. What a beautiful girl! Thank you for sharing your memories … got me a little choked up, though. We never forget our furred friends. My husband and I frequently talk about our “early” kitties. Lots of vivid memories.

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  5. I miss her, too. I feel lucky to have gotten to read about her and get to know her through your blog posts. I love all the pictures of her but the sitting regally in the chair is my favorite and the one with her being supported by the Beloved Husband’s neck is adorable… she is smiling! I am so happy you had the joy of Hazel!♥

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