Sassy cats — Gracie’s turn

This picture is from two years ago. She still sits and watches. Sometimes for hours.

Gracie has been feeling left out. She is our laundry cat. Ever since she joined us, she loves the laundry room. The noise of the washer or dryer doesn’t bother her. She may think the washer is a pinball machine. This week I caught her in the “clean” laundry “taking a sits.”

She is furring up the towels!

She has also been napping with Sasha. She got the upper bunk!

This chair is a favorite of both especially when the sun comes in!

Our crew wishes you a great weekend!

48 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Gracie’s turn

    • She is a happy cat. Very little work and she’s the most likely to climb into your lap (no matter who you are) in the evening. We know very little about her except that she was rescued from a hoarding situation. She was somewhere between 1 and 4 (that’s the best guess) and was pregnant when rescued. They had to abort them because she was too small to safely deliver. She’s a whopping 7 lbs and very slim. She was people friendly so whoever had her was kind. They just had more cats than they could care for.


    • She’s never gone inside and we keep the washer door open to dry out (so it doesn’t smell!). That chair is prime cat real estate for all the cats except Mollie. She prefers the top bunk but I’ve seen her on the seat too.

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