Sassy cats – Can’t leave the lid off the litter

Morgan is my most creative cat. I call her the perfect cat but she is not perfect.

Back a few years, when Morgan was a youngster, I had brought in a new container of kitty litter. I buy it in 35 or 40 lb. large plastic containers. I unintentionally left the top open. Most folks know that cats prefer a clean litter box. They will sit and wait while you clean out their box and then hop in to desecrate it before any other feline can get there. It’s a contest.

Morgan eyed up the opened container and climbed into it. She turned around a few times, barely fitting, and managed to pee leaving acres of litter boxes unscathed!

Morgan wishes everyone a good pee and a great weekend! She says do something unexpected and be wild!

50 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Can’t leave the lid off the litter

    • Morgan was around 6 months old when she was adopted although the rescue told us a year. She did a lot of really funny things in the first two years. She is much more “mature” now but still wamps up something every now than then!


  1. To cats, the lids on anything are are a challenge. Any weakness in the lid game will be leveraged.
    I keep my laundry in a bin with a tight lid because I used to have a cat who peed on dirty laundry and I never got over the habit. Now if I leave the lid even slightly ajar, it will be pushed off an I will find a cat nest in my laundry bin.
    After the laundry peer, I can’t even get mad. It’s not like they ruined the clothes. Just found a comfy spot. I’m not even sure they haven’t figured out how to unlid it when it’s fully closed. Because every time it happens I could SWEAR I had closed that bin.

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    • When my diabetic cat Jake got old, he preferred peeing on fabric. He was a meticulous cat so I thought perhaps he didn’t like a litter box that already had a pee lump in it. Maybe it had to do with his diabetes. At first he would pee on bathroom carpets (which are washable) but I was able to train him to use an old towel I would keep rumpled near the litter box. It was easy to change out and I accumulated a collection of “pee towels.” That worked well until he passed. Before I realized that he was doing this, some of my possessions took a hit. He peed on my chest waders and it took forever to get the smell out. Every time I used them I’d need a shower afterward. Funny thing though, he didn’t pee on wall-to-wall carpet.

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      • Cat Pee. It’s like a chemical weapon. At least these days there are those neutralizers, but honestly they often smell kind of icky themselves. I used to wash once with the neutralizer and then again to rinse out the neutralizer smell.

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        • I always used bleach. One load of pee towels with bleach. Unfortunately I couldn’t wash my chest waders. They were rubberized fabric and I was amazed at how well (and long) they held the smell. I hosed them down with different kinds of cleaning solutions and nothing got rid of the smell but time.


  2. My Mom had a rubber tree plant when we were kids in a nice big pot that our cat would use quite regularly. We put tin foil over the soil and tried to tuck it in…to weight it down with a few rocks…she’d pull it off somehow. Cats know a good spot when they find one. LOL!

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  3. Oh, hysterical and so true. (and when their “creativity” observed, they simply glare, “What?” as if you’re the odd one)
    Just finished the morning scoop and sweep. We put paper under the recently bought giant box designed for elderly cats with a bit of a ramp and lower entrance and tall sides (how she managed to still get it over the side sometimes? And looks like “What? I like a clean litter box to walk around in and bulldoze litter without foot mess.”) As I was moving the giant bin back to location after freshening as demanded, I hear the rustle of newspaper. Sigh
    Have a great weekend! – more rain predicted here for 4+ days. At least the lawn got mowed this time

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