Sassy cats — Gracie and Mollie

Last week I talked about Gracie losing interest in her feather. She’s still playful. She found something else. To finish off drying a bedspread, I threw it over a chair in the family room.

Before you know it, it looked like this.

A slightly blurry Gracie!

Mollie was also alert on the porch. Wonder what she’s watching…

The beloved husband taking a snooze.

We all hope you get a chance to play and take a snooze this weekend!

55 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Gracie and Mollie

  1. Tee hee! πŸ˜€ Everytime I take a blanket out of the dryer, Jazz, or Blue, or Mimi will come and plop themselves right on it, and snuggle up. Well, there goes my work! I wait til they sufficiently finish hairing it up, and remove the hair, and well, sometimes, have to start all over again πŸ˜€ They little scoundrels! πŸ˜›

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    • Gracie is still a kitten at heart. She is also most likely to get into some trouble daily! A good nap is wonderful. Especially when things have been busy. I didn’t nap this week but I got tired early. I found myself going to bed an hour earlier. Sleep gets it’s share. If you don’t nap it pulls you in earlier.


  2. Nothing like a little nap to perk you up and get through the day. For years I wore contact lenses (the hard ones), so a nap meant taking them out and putting them back in again – so I never took naps. Now I wear glasses … no problem. I always take naps over 4th of July weekend as our neighbors start with fireworks at Memorial Day and all the way up to the 4th of July every single night and past curfew hours.

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    • I took naps with my hard contact lenses (not a good idea but I was much younger). They now make lenses that offer both near and far vision and I’m considering. I hate glasses and not just for vanity reasons. They slide down my nose and the ear piece on the side of my head always gives me a sore spot. I don’t need correction for distance but I also don’t like carrying readers around. Easier to wear glasses.

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      • I switched to glasses when I started working from home as I figured I was not getting dressed up for work anymore so went back to glasses. I hate them too … sliding down my nose and I am afraid to adjust the earpiece because they will sit crooked on my ear then. I know the comfort of contact lenses and it beckons me back. I wore the hard lenses for years, but all of a sudden couldn’t see as clearly. I always went to a contact lens practitioner who was associated with the eye doctor. He tried readers and they were useless and went through many pair to try to see. He told me not to get the bifocal contacts (as they move around in your eye and you have irregular vision), but to go with “monovision” and that is what I needed … to have near and far vision. So I had one lens for far; one for near vision. Worked like a charm! I still wore the hard lenses but they were the Boston Rigid Gas Permeable lenses which had minute slits in them so your eyes can breathe. I know people with soft lenses who leave them in 24/7 for long periods of time. I would be reluctant to do that. I am thinking of going back to contact lenses because the price of glasses is outrageous … I have progressive lenses, and beveled very thin as I have poor vision – otherwise the glass would be thick, and I got some type of coating not for glare (like I had before) but to eliminate the blue rays from the computer screen. I don’t see a difference in the two months I’ve had them though.

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          • 37 for me (1973 to 2010) and when I first got contacts, my father told me I could not drive in them in case one fell out. They bought the car when I graduated high school as I was starting college in the Fall and I was on my father’s insurance. I told him that removing the contacts made me eyes fuzzy when I put the glasses on – not a lie, the contact lens practitioner told me the same thing. Finally he relented. I only lost one in the carpet in all those years – flew out of my fingers and into the bathroom contour rug. Do try the monovision – it worked so well.

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  3. I love the things that go on in your house and how you make such a good story of everything. I take a nap almost every day, but that’s because I don’t get enough sleep at night. Reading blogs is so much more fun than sleeping.

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