Sassy cats — Gracie, another passage

Her constant friend

Gracie has been with us since January 2017. She was rescued from a hoarding situation and no one knew how old she was. She was small (under 6 pounds) but she was pregnant when surrendered. Based on her teeth, my vet thought 2 to 4 years old. The rescue thought 1 to 2 years old. Based on her activity level I thought around a year.

We have a feather on a stick. It’s one of the few “bought” toys the cats will play with. It’s gone through Hazel and Morgan. It wasn’t Mollie’s favorite.

Many of the feathers are long gone with a small chewed stump remaining. Every cat went insane for months to years before moving on. In recent weeks Gracie is moving on.

Gracie is bunny kicking her toy but the feather is waiting for her.

Whenever I sat down to eat (no matter which meal) she brought the feather for me to play. She was loudly insistent if I didn’t. I had more than one meal disrupted with a howling cat or my feeble attempts to wiggle the feather while managing a fork.

Over the past month she doesn’t bring it anymore. If I jiggle it, she will play for a little while but she won’t fetch it. That was her favorite thing. She took the feather up the steps, down the steps and into the screened porch. It was her constant friend.

Now napping is her constant friend. It happens. It happened to Hazel and to Morgan. I miss the old Gracie!

72 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Gracie, another passage

  1. When RC Cat chose us and moved in, she would chase feather on a stick/string like crazy. Eery morning it was the wild jazzercise session. Then one day suddenly that was it. You could wave and do all the formerly irresistible wand moves, but nothing. She did seem to enjoy watching me act like a fool…probably opened the blinds and told the neighbors…
    Now at her age, she delights in mousie soccer – only in get middle of the night. Even the dog no longer cares…

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      • You’re right–seniors don’t need many toys. Water skis, basketballs, hula hoops, who needs them? I got talked into a zip-lining trip last weekend, and though it was fun to zip across ponds and between trees, it was also hard to climb to the high platforms and walk across the bouncy swinging bridge. Who needs it? Next time the kids can go without me.

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  2. I’d love to have seen her trying to engage you in a game while you’re trying to eat! Cats and children–the same antics. πŸ™‚ I think that if she’s moving on to other toys it just indicates she’s a smart cookie. She finally got bored?

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  3. I love my cat. After the kitten stage, they start being laid back. Reboot lies around all day. However, in another place we lived, I had set up a night camera to observe the living room and hallway due to some strange activity. She would play at night, running and jumping, or with a toy.

    During the daytime, about the only thing to get her going is a laser pointer. She loves it. She is also 14 this October.

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  4. As you may know, Ray has never been a “play with toys” dog and we consider him “low energy”. He is constantly napping, and we can speculate that his low energy could be the residual effect of having heart-worm many years ago. Time flies though. He has only been with us a seemingly very short time, but is already showing grey around his muzzle area. One just never knows … especially with a rescue of undetermined background.

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