Sassy cats – Attempted assassination

Morgan: There was an attempt on my life this past week. I was peacefully sleeping on the floor in-da-way of any potty run. The giant human often called beloved husband flung his legs over the side of the bed and stepped on me. Whaatttt? Does this human not know cats are king (in this case queen)? One must always check before putting foot down. It could have been a juicy hairball!

I hollered really loud. The female human levitated off of the bed. Pretty cool to watch. The other cats came running to see what happened.

Fortunately I am quick and no harm was done but I never mentioned that to the humans. They gave me special attention and extra food and smooches all day. I won’t forget they tried to kill me but the treats were good and the new catnip bag was wonderful. Maybe I’ll sleep in-da-way when I need extra attention. ‘Scuse me, I need a nap.

45 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Attempted assassination

  1. They tell us as we get older to beware of throw rugs and the like as tripping agents. What about the pets? I’ve tripped on Zena in the night. Maybe we should have nighttime glow collars?

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  2. I live in constant fear of this with this kitten. He loves to be under my feet. I will no doubt break someone on me and on him if he doesn’t learn his lesson soon. But I fear the only way to learn the lesson is to be stepped on and I haven’t yet. It seem inevitable though. He often sleeps in the bedroom doorway. So, like you hubby, I think I’m heading for a screeching moment.

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  3. Hi, Morgan – Great to hear from you again. Good thing that you are quick! Good idea to play it up for as long as you could — well done!

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  4. In-da-way is Theo’s default position. He hasn’t learned that the male giant in this house NEVER looks down before he moves. I just shake my head at the 2 of them. You’d think one of them would have figured it out by now.

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  5. Once upon a time, Morgan, my father stepped on my stepmother’s cat. The cat set up a yowl to end all yowls. Dad tried to say the cat wasn’t really hurt. Stepmom said, “How would you feel if a garbage truck landed on you?”

    Needless to say, THAT marriage didn’t last, either.

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  6. OH Morgan you poor thing! You probably were having wonderful mice dreams and then so “rudely” awakened! I say keep soaking up as much pity as you can! I can well imagine it must have been quite a funny sight though to see your female human levitate off the bed!

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  7. I remember doing a variation of that on Ray in our early days together. He was not amused, and I still vividly recall his reaction! I don’t expect that I shall ever forget that incident and the term “startle response” is forever etched into my brain!

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  8. Morgan, you poor thing! One time I stepped on my Agent 99. She ran ahead of me on the stairs, and we both aimed for the same step. She limped off. Oh, the GUILT! But she healed in a couple of days. I’m certainly glad to hear you’re okay. Heh-heh, maybe next time pick somewhere else to take a nap!

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