Sassy cats — The grays are scrapping

I was sitting at my computer and the grays were carrying on. The conversation went something like this.

Morgan: Human! She’s touching me!

Gracie: Am not!

Morgan: Are too! You’re sticking your nose in my butt!

Gracie: Am not. You backed your butt into my nose. Not my fault.

You get the picture. This went on for a while and then all hell broke loose. You can see them in the video. Don’t feel sorry for either one. Gracie (the smaller one by four pounds) is usually the instigator but not always. No cats got hurt except for maybe feelings and within 5 minutes they were sitting next to each other chattering about the birds. Gotta love them!


53 thoughts on “Sassy cats — The grays are scrapping

  1. Priceless! Husband came into my office and he loved it too. Those tails give them away. Cool cats. I hear it is snowing up your way and you had to cancel dinner plans. Sorry but enjoy the snow. For us 50 degrees is cold! Yes, we are wimps!

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    • Isn’t that hysterical? She puffs up and then decides against it. I wonder if there was something in Morgan’s face that told her enough was enough. Technically Morgan is both bigger and stronger. Gracie likes to bite Morgan’s belly. She tried it on Hazel too but Hazel wops her early on.


          • Oh yeah, and then some. The collie would let her eat or drink first, never tried to pinch her treats, and let her choose where she wanted to lie before he settled down beside her.
            I took her with me when I left the relationship as she was a nervous dog but loyal to me and I refused to abandon her as her previous owners had done. Bro understood that, and Kiz was brilliant with the kids (3 under 5). I lost her to mammary cancer at the end of 1990.

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              • She was a nervous wreck when I first saw her, but she came up to me eventually and sat by my knee. It was about 3 months before I even knew she could bark. It was funny, she didn’t bark at anyone except Hubby, I guess because he was always close, but she was protective of both of us in the end. We took her for walks in the forest and along the beach.
                She was 10 when she died, and I like to think she had five good years with me, so the latter half of her life was happy and filled with love.

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    • Gracie lived outside (way before her life here) and she’s a scrapper. She had been pestering Morgan for a while. Morgan is usually patient but she had enough. I love the way Gracie puffs herself up to look larger and then decides to go to her box instead. Wise choice.


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