Random 5 for December 10 – Cats, Christmas, boxes, snow, sales

They are all grown – We put up the Christmas tree this week. It is new cat Gracie’s first Christmas here. We don’t know her age for sure. I didn’t know what to expect. Total chaos? Or opportunist awe? She’s kitten-like in her play. Very active all day. She is definitely at least 2 or older. She showed no interest in all the shiny, dangly stuff. Like her feline friend Hazel, she showed more interest in the velvet skirt at the bottom. They like the way it catches cat hair. Makes it special!

Speaking of ba humbug! – I was trying to define why I don’t have the holiday spirit like I used to. The doggone traffic is one of them. Starbucks is another. I go there every day. At holiday time it’s packed. Do people only drink coffee around the holidays? Sheesh!

Speaking of cats – Our house is getting littered with boxes (plain boxes, not litter boxes). With all the deliveries, we have to sneak out the boxes. If a cat finds it, they occupy it. For a long time. I need to do some creative sneaking around.

One of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes winter cartoons!

Snow! – We had our first snow yesterday. There had been hype all week about it. It came up from the south so the southern states (which don’t normally get snow) were blanketed with the white stuff. The roads and parking lots were all prepped. I went walking in the morning and the salt was like ball bearings. I was afraid I’d trip on dry pavement. (Wouldn’t that be embarrassing?)

Last chance – Have you been getting emails about sales? Every single day it is the LAST CHANCE to get 50% off. Every. Single. Day. Buying stuff I normally use or need at a discount is one thing I like about the holidays but I could use fewer emails.

So how was your week?

63 thoughts on “Random 5 for December 10 – Cats, Christmas, boxes, snow, sales

  1. 4″ of snow? a regular blizzard. We had front on roofs again today, but no flurries…except for all the floor tumblers. Apparently the dog and cat are determined to create holiday drifts inside….which may be call decorative now, but what about after Christmas? I need one of those energetic recycling knitters that loves experimental fibers HAHA

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  2. Oh yes! My inbox is ridiculous right now. I have so many “last chance” deals to sort through! I am so surprised that your cats aren’t particularly interested in the Christmas tree. I would think anything shiny would totally attractive to them. Maybe they’re a little ho-hum about the holidays as well!

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    • The two older ones haven’t bothered with it (except to sleep under it) in years. Morgan would only take off a few bottom ornaments (and only when it wasn’t decorated properly). I was surprised that Gracie didn’t give it a second look. Cats younger than 2 usually have a ball with it.


  3. Hi Kate, I’m visiting from Donna’s Retirement Reflections blog. We got our first snow fall yesterday and flurries still come down all day today but this is normal for our winter. The sales emails get deleted pretty quickly or unsubscribed! Thanks for the reminder to re-read our Calvin & Hobbes collection.

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  4. How was my week? Well, it was oddly busy with holiday shopping and partying, but less than satisfying because I’m an introvert who doesn’t adore the hustle and bustle of this time of year. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to go to Star$ this month. You are a brave woman to do so.

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  5. I stopped bah-humbugging when I moved back home near my family. It all has meaning for me again, despite family dysfunction. BUT – I have to agree about the traffic. I was cussing up a storm on the road yesterday. 😛 Did you ever get snow? We got a dusting here.

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  6. Don’t look now, Kate, but it is snowing there. Why just look at your site, it’s practically a whiteout! Yes, lines ARE getting longer at Starbucks—but the other day a person in front of me paid for my Latte! Thank you, nice person, in line ahead of me! Happy the cats don’t feel a need to sharpen their claws on your x-mas tree. Sounds like junk email has become a thing.

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  7. We don’t have snow thankfully, but it was 36 degrees here when we woke up this morning! I had turned the heat on last night but had no idea it would go so low. I realized this morning when we left for the gym that my car (purchased in California) has never been through such a cold night before. – Marty

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  8. You get the best comments, and I love the snow on your site, like it’s coming through your windows. You didn’t mention Morgan tree wise. Is she away for the weekend? Remember, cats like to do things late at night when we’re not looking. Don’t be surprised if some mischief pays a call.

    Yes, it snowed here too. I hauled out my Teddy Roosevelt boots and went for a walk in the park. It made me want a sled and dogs to drive it.

    Speaking of Starbucks, the one on my corner here is out of control, even at 6 a.m. I’m not too thrilled with their Christmas blend, but others seem to be. What a goldmine.

    Sales did you say? If L.L. Bean sends one more email, I’m calling the Governor of Maine.

    Deck those halls Kate, even if it kills ya.


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  9. I hate the emails with SALE! Last Chance! I always unsubscribe and then they mysteriously never manage to change my subscription.
    It’s an ongoing war in my life. Me and every damn place I’ve ever ordered from. It’s yet another reason I like Amazon – I already won that war and no I only get the receipts by email.

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  10. We don’t get snow here in SoCal, but I remember getting a freak light dusting once or twice when I was young. It would be fun to see that again. Unfortunately, global warming is giving us dry weather… and wildfires in December.

    Funny how differently your cats react to the tree. I remember our cats being mostly interested in the tree skirt and open boxes too… oh, and the tinsel.

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  11. I seem to have no holiday spirit! Time is fleeting and I think I need a holiday tonic! Perhaps I will make it to one of those parking lots today and I will somehow get some inspiration.

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    • Good luck with that. I’m starting to adjust my expectations. I haven’t had full blown holiday spirit in years. I’m not sure what it would take but it’s more than a party or two. Today I will make a small batch of cookies (which I haven’t done in about 2 years). Perhaps that will help.


  12. Calvin & Hobbes is the best! We used to use C&H’s strips to illustrate our Christmas Newsletter:

    Calvin: I think if Santa is going to judge my behavior over the last year, I ought to be entitled to legal representation. I mean, let’s face it, a lot of Christmas loot is at stake here, and the constitution says no person shall be deprived of property without due process of law.

    So, you can be my lawyer, OK? It’s easy.

    Hobbes: Me?

    Calvin: Sure! Here’s a legal pad. You’re all set.

    Hobbes: OK. But I don’t take pro bono cases. 😀

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  13. Snow might be heading our way as the rest of the country has it which may scupper our immediate plans. We’ve got rain, icy rain, or freezing rain. Whatever, it’s damn cold and even Maggie doesn’t want to go out in it unless she has too! New tree going up later.

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  14. Hi, Kate – We haven’t had snow here yet (we’re not supposed to get snow anyway…but we did last year…and the year before). Please do not sent it this way….okay, maybe just on Christmas Eve!

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    • We all have a little bit of Calvin in us, don’t we? As for Starbucks, you may be right. Buying gift cards and stuff (hopefully gift cards for me?). They have a lot of fancy foo-foo drinks right now but who can drink those desserts at 8 a.m.?

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