Sassy cats — Post it heaven

That is an orange post-it to the left of the TV remote.

All cats have their thing. Some cats have more than one. Morgan is one of those cats. She has a blankie and a ribbon, both of which are dear friends but she also loves post-its.

That’s an easy toy. You can buy cheaply at any stationery store and they are available in bright colors (which is more for me than her).

More chewed post-its on the bed on the desk

However (and there always is one) they are like dear boxes that cannot be thrown out because someone fits in them. Unlike boxes, they look like trash lying on the carpet or on the staircase. Sometimes you can find them on the bed (or in the bed), on a chair or the cat tower. It seems that they get around.

I have to guard the “pack” or Morgan will destroy it in one sitting. I dole them out to her one by one. She savors; attacks; then deposits them around the house.

It’s still one of the easiest toys ever.

On the upstairs lounge with a sack of catnip.


54 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Post it heaven

  1. How interesting. And funny! I’m curious about quantity. Is there a tipping point at which there’s no more interest? Or is it the more the better? I find cats so fascinating in their individuality, and Morgan surely is unique!

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    • I don’t think the tipping point in quantity but age of cat. At 4-1/2 Morgan is still the kitten but the two older ones stopped playing with their favorite toys as they got older. The current post-it pad is hot pink and there are hot pink stickies all over the house.


  2. Four of our cats like bed linens. All four cats are related, so I claim it’s a genetic thing. Dear Husband and I make the bed every morning, and those cats go to town and have a grand ol’ time amongst the comforter and sheets. The bed is unmade by noon. But we keep making the bed, why?

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  3. Isn’t it funny how each cat seems to have its own peculiarities? This one is a first though! I wonder what it is about those little pieces of paper that attracts her? It’s not like they crinkle or make any kind of sound like aluminum foil, for example.

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