Sassy cats – All about Gracie

Gracie noticed that attention has been diverted to Morgan lately and is not at all happy. She is not impressed with mouse catching skills and claims that no one catches the feather on a stick like she does.

All eight pounds of her fly through the air to catch that feather. No one is more graceful (so she says). She even takes it to her box for safe keeping. No marauding feather thieves are allowed near it.

This is box #2.

Speaking of boxes, it started with one. It was the first computer box. Then there was a package from Ulta. I left both on the floor so she could choose the one she liked better. They are different shapes and sizes.

And the winner is…both. She alternates between them. If this continues, I will have a home full of empty boxes sitting on the floor. We are taking packages into the garage to empty so she doesn’t see the box but I think she is wise to us.

She’s exhausted from protecting us from feathers and needs to sleep. She says you need to say goodbye.

I have no idea where that blue glow came from.

47 thoughts on “Sassy cats – All about Gracie

  1. That last picture is just adorable, Kate. She really is a sweetie. I chuckle just picturing her leaping to capture that feather. I thought of you specifically when I set my DVR for Sunday on the Animal Planet and wondered, if you get that channel, if you’d enjoy watching a 1-hr special on animal reunions (Texas/Harvey). I think it will be a three-hanky deal, but I’ve thought of those who lost their pets, and I’d like to witness some reunions.

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    • Happy news is good news. I’m a big fan of the Best Friends organization because unlike some other rescues who show you awful graphic pictures of abuse, they show you the happy results of their interventions.


  2. She does look exhausted – sign of a good cat mom in the house.
    Here there’s a difference of opinion on a box’s function – RC says boxes are for sleeping in, but Molly wants to rip them apart (We think Molly has misinterpreted the German’s package inspection instructions…thinks it was package inspection destruction.)

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  3. There are soooo many boxes in our house, and they all get used. It’s the price of keeping cats happy. Small price to pay too. Free, in fact. Well, sort of…I guess we pay for the box when we buy something online.

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    • I was very lucky. Both Morgan and Gracie fit in easy. Jake was alive when Morgan joined us and he was persnickety. She gave him a wide berth. If she was too frisky around him he whomped her on the head and that’s all it took to get her in line. I always hold my breath when bringing in a new cat. The only change is that Mollie comes downstairs less but then again, she’s getting older and that may have happened anyway. They get along fine.

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