Sassy cats — They are all different!

We adopted Gracie because her picture reminded us of our wonderful Morgan — gray, one-eyed and sadly homeless. They are nothing alike. Morgan can entertain herself (and anyone else) while Gracie needs someone to play with her (all the time!). One is healthy while the other had issues. One eats most things, the other drives me crazy.

They also do different weird things. Morgan had her ribbon which morphed into her blankie. Gracie however, has the washing machine.

Yo, is my mousie in there? I think I see it! Gotta get it out!

How do you open this darn thing! It’s getting everything wet!

This fascinates her for at least five minutes every time we wash a load. She bangs at the window while it twirls and spins. Makes her happy (or excited) and that makes us happy!

Morgan: Maybe we can take her back to the shelter and get a real mousie.

With Gracie around we are safe from marauding washing machines. Bless her!

56 thoughts on “Sassy cats — They are all different!

  1. Cats know what is important in life. Both of yours are adorable.
    This year we are lucky with the huge army of assorted types of lizards/chameleons that like to vogue on the window screens. Both the cat and dog claim their windows for the shows….good for a few minutes of peace anyway. They seem very intense on ironpet marathon training.

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  2. Cats are so easy to entertain … and so entertaining.

    My daughter, the lawyer, has been working long, hard hours. Every day she calls me on her way home from work, and we’re still talking when she goes into the house and her cats (at least one of them) come to greet her. “They’re the best part of my day,” she says.

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    • Gracie has been quite an experience. She’s a lot of work and had a lot of health issues but she’s a good cat. Doesn’t pick fights and seems to be grateful (sort of…she is a cat).


  3. Good job, Gracie! That washing machine must be kept in check.

    Just like the terrifying baby possum that comes helps herself to the compost bins at night. My dog is ready to protect us from her, especially at 2 AM.

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