Sassy cats – Where’s Waldo?

If you read my blog on Tuesday, you know that I misplaced Gracie’s favorite toy. You can read about it here.

Over the weekend, I was in a hurry to put the cats’ toys out of the way for guests. I thought I put the feather wand in the coat closet but it wasn’t there. Nor was it in any closet, in any cabinet or on the bookshelf. I spent hours looking and relooking. Not upstairs or downstairs. Not in any nook or cranny.

After 2 days of wracking my brain and coming up empty, the beloved husband said that the last time he saw it was on the dining room floor. I looked there but…..notice how busy the carpet is. Can you see it? Can you see the feather part?

Since it was lying in full site of everyone including cats, Gracie could have brought it to me. She often does when she wants to play. I am no longer taking full responsibility for this.

After I found it, I had the distinct memory of throwing it in there because you can’t see it and we wouldn’t be in the dining room anyway. It was an easy cleanup for the wand which didn’t fit in the toy basket.

All is well. I am not crazy. At least not about cat toys.


51 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Where’s Waldo?

    • It was in the back of the room where you wouldn’t normally walk. I wouldn’t have found if my husband wouldn’t have said that. I had looked on the dining room table and buffet but not closely enough on the rug.


    • I don’t know. Her vision is much more compromised than Morgan’s vision. She bonks into things and misses steps so it’s either her depth perception or something. I would think she knew it was there but she whined to play for 2 days without touching it.

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      • Well, that rug messes with a normal person’s depth perception so I bet poor Gracie never had a chance. Now, if she were a dog, vision would be secondary and she’d have sniffed it out for sure! Maybe you need to borrow a dog to suss out any food on that rug — never mind, you have Hazel! 🙂

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        • You’re right. Hazel has a dog nose. Gracie has visual issues with the loss of her eye. I think it’s depth perception. I see her misjudge steps and walls often. She trips but she’s made of rubber and bounces back up. Then she’s off to the races.

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  1. Ah, Inspector “Dan”clouseau contributes to solving another mystery! Your pictures reminded me of those puzzles where you find the clues in plain sight. I love that carpet.

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