Where is that toy or unfortunate memory lapses

Here is Gracie dragging her feather toy.

Memory loss is something I’ve always worried about. It’s one of the first signs of dottiness. Now I’m worried.

I’m a great pet owner. Mostly. They get free food and healthcare and not the cheap stuff either. They are nurtured and catered to. In return they give unconditional love. Works for me but all is in jeopardy now. It’s all because of my senior or blonde (hopefully not dotty) moment.

As a pet owner my house normally has toys around. Catnip thingies and wands with feathers. Fluffy beds and throws with enough cat hair to make a comforter. That’s how we roll.

There are cat food dishes (mostly empty) and water dishes too. It’s a home with pets so it’s natural.

When we get visitors, I scurry around collecting all this stuff so it looks like a home out of House Beautiful (ok, that’s a stretch) instead of Cat Fancy.

We had guests on Sunday. They have a dog so they get it but I still gathered stuff up. The toys all have a place to go but new cat Gracie has a favorite toy. It’s a wand with a feather at the end. We play with that thing a lot.

I use it for physical therapy. An early nutritional deficient left her with thin legs. I’m trying to pump up the strength in her back legs. The rear legs on cats are powerful. They can jump many times their size with those muscles but not Gracie.

That’s all background. Back to my story. I put the wand out of the way and I don’t remember where. I have been through every closet, drawer and crevice in this house and I’ve come up empty.

Gracie is distraught. It was her favorite. We have another one but it’s not the same. (It never is. Just like a child with their favorite teddy.)

I know it’s someplace silly and it’s probably laughing at me while I’m searching. Nonetheless, I have a heartbroken cat and an aging memory.


83 thoughts on “Where is that toy or unfortunate memory lapses

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  2. Oh my! I do relate all too well, but I’ve never had to explain my memory loss to one of the pets! That’s a relief. I sure do hope one of the other cats didn’t hide it from you. It’s always a possibility.

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  3. If you misplaced your glasses I’d say, check the top of your head….but this…hmm. Did you ask Morgan, that little prankster? I’ll just bet she’s behind this.

    Gracie, by the way, is my favorite shade of gray.

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  4. Don’t you just hate that! Please let us know when you find and where your super secret hiding place was..:)
    Next time you’ll have to leave yourself a note. But you can’t hide the note..:)

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  5. Oh, the frantic pet grab and hide. Well familiar with that.
    RC had a special mousie – one of her first upon here move to this house – and it vanished. I drove myself crazy as she was loudly distraught. A couple of years later I found a soggy lump while planting flowers and realized it was Mousie. Somehow Molly had scarfed it up, managed to sneak it outside and bury it. Molly insists she was just securing it during a staff cleaning frenzy – and forgot about it …we told her the aging memory thing doesn’t work for dogs.
    (Did you check under the bathroom sink or by spare toilet paper spot – our sticky/feather things usually end up in one of those places as they fit there.)
    Fingers crossed.

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  6. When my kids come for an extended stay (a week or so), I clear space for them, tucking things in closets and drawers. It’s always a challenge to remember where I put it all.

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  7. I do this all the time and have since I was a child. You were probably carrying it around intending to put it with other toys and then got distracted with another chore than needed your hands and put it down somewhere odd. This is why I find my reading glasses in the frig and my keys on the balcony ledge.

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    • I had a great memory when I was young. I can still remember the birthdates of my childhood friends. My husband’s, not so much. I must have lost some brain cells along the way and they were all the memory ones.

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  8. This is very timely. We are getting two Ragamuffin kitties in July, and already cat toys are being purchased — prior to our move even! I warned my wife that statistically speaking at least a few of these are bound to be lost. She stayed silent. – Marty

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  9. I feel your pain. Cats are like a toddler with their special toys. Weird suggestion. Ask for help before you go to bed. I do that sometimes and wake up dreaming about the answer or solution. In that half awake state–it’s like a light bulb goes off. Doesn’t work every time and sometimes takes days, but works for me more often than not. Good luck!

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  10. I have a pretty basket that sits on my fireplace hearth. I corral all the cat toys in it. If I really want House Beautiful, I could pick up the whole basket and put it in the closet. Otherwise. just putting all the toys away in there is good enough for must guests. Lumos is so cute, He actually will peer into the basket and get out his favorites.

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  11. Hey, I was going to suggest the fridge too! If not, how about the dishwasher? Honestly, when I lose something it always ends up in the strangest place!

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    • I did the rage thing yesterday. The incident happened on Sunday. Usually within a day I remember or have a visual of where I put it but I’m not pulling anything out of that decrepit old memory. I’ll do another walk through today. Physical therapy is at a stand still.

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  12. It’s probably somewhere you’ve looked already! Once you get to searching for something you don’t see what’s in front of you, if you’re anything like my bipeds. 😀

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  13. Poor kitty. I was going to suggest as someone did above to look on the fridge. Pray to St. Anthony- Tony, Tony turn around something is lost and can’t be found. Have you heard that one?

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    • Yes I have. He needs to move in here. We could use him on a daily basis. I can’t reach the top of the fridge so I’m more of a closet person. I have a vague memory of putting it in our coat closet but it’s not there. Perhaps someone broke in and stole the cat feather (only the cat feather!).


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