Sassy cats — Porch edition

The screened porch is in full swing now. This is from last year.

Hazel and Morgan spread out across the porch loveseat

Here is this year.

Morgan (on seat) and Gracie (on top cushion) enjoying the weather

When all the cats are out there it’s hard to find a seat!

These white socks belong to Mollie. The tile is cool and the weather is warm.

All the cats here hope you have a nice spot to hang out!

41 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Porch edition

    • There is a sofa and a loveseat so usually we are good. Five seats, two people, four cats. Well, there is a round table with four chairs too. It’s rare that all 6 are out at the same time or usually at least one cat is on the ground watching the chipmunks.


  1. They look like they own their zones Kate, so gorgeous. I have four cats and they definitely own their spaces, especially on the deck where the sun shines. Sometimes I have a battle to get a chair and enjoy my coffee. They all look so content, exactly how it should be.

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  2. I know all about competing for space with three cats… once in a while they get the drop on me and go to bed early. By the time I go to bed, there’s no room for me… and as you know, cats don’t give up their territory easily.

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    • They love the coolness of the porch tile when it’s hot. I think it’s even cooler than an air conditioned house (we don’t keep it real cool!). We’ve been in the low 90s this week from a high of 59 last week. (Yes we only had one day in between those extremes!) We are all adjusting.

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    • That’s exactly what I think. Our porch is only screened. If I had to build it again I would put a fireplace at one end to extend the season. The cats would like that too although they occasionally go in during mild weather in the winter. We always keep at least 2 chairs with cushions for them.

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