Sassy cats — As normal as it gets around here

Gracie fits nicely on the bookshelf.

It’s been peaceful…sort of. Gracie is eating normal cat food at normal intervals. What changed may have more to do with me than with her. Eating, drinking and elimination are the hallmarks of health for all living creatures. When someone in this household is not doing one of those, I get a little crazy.

As Gracie started eating, even a little bit, I became less neurotic. I stopped hovering and offering different selections when she tried to bury it. (That’s what she does when she’s not fond of the choice.)Β  Walking away worked. Without an audience to play to, there was nothing to do but eat the selection that was out. (This would not have worked at the beginning…just sayin’.)

She started feeling better too. She is more comfortable in the house and her health issues seem to be over. All is good. She adopted a new box. We are not allowed to move it.

Gracie’s new box

Everyone here wishes you all a great weekend.

38 thoughts on “Sassy cats — As normal as it gets around here

  1. Whew! It is good when you know that a kitty that was having issues begins to feel better and feel enough at home to take over and start redecorating. Can’t help but notice the red JOY above Gracie… πŸ™‚


  2. You know there’s a cat in the house when you see boxes in unlikely places, eh?! I have one ugly box in my front room that my cats have demanded I leave for at least three years now. It’s a favorite. I have to occasionally sneak a box out in the trash, but the kitty boys pretty much decide when a box can go. (I’m glad Gracie is feeling better, too!)

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      • Ha! Ha! Yeah, we have a few ratty old toys I can’t toss out, too! There’s one wand toy that had a colored ribbon attached that the kitty boys use in a chase game they invented. Andy puts the ribbon on the floor in front of him. He then yowls loudly to attract his brother Dougy’s attention. Dougy comes running from wherever he was sleeping of doing kitty things, and the chase is on, first one way, then the next. Oddly enough, the ribbon doesn’t move from where Andy dropped it, but I can count on finding it anywhere in the house. I suspect they play this game when I am gone and while I sleep. Half the fun of their game is not knowing where I’ll find their ribbon next, but it never ()I fear) be in the trash.

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