Sassy cats — Mollie, Miss Photogenic

By far, Mollie is the cat that photographs the best. She has lots of fluff around her face with big beautiful eyes and white stockings on her feet. However, for every photo like this:

Always look up. It minimizes the chin.

There are hundreds like this:

Digging for gold

Or this:

Seriously, I thought there was a mousie here.

Here is a shot of her with her bunny, perfectly posed:

Is this the Easter bunny?

She’s tired now. That’s it for today.

50 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Mollie, Miss Photogenic

    • She is a beauty. Someone surrendered her at 18 months old. Perhaps it was someone moving to a nursing home or something like that. I can imagine giving her up. She is not only pretty, she’s easy.


  1. Isn’t she a real beauty? Good to hear that her temper matches her looks! And I for one – being German – am not embarrassed when an animal does what an animal has to do – clean itself. The shame thing is entirely reserved for my own species – there is enough to be vicariously embarrassed about in humans.


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