Sassy cats — Morgan and her new “imaginary” friend

Hello Cortana!

I heard voices from the office the other day. No one was in there. One voice was a woman and I was the only woman in the house. It was prudent to investigate.

Morgan had turned on my computer and somehow contacted Cortana, my voice-activated Window helper. I’ve never used her. Obviously this cat is more tech savvy than I am!

Sleeping on my desk after an exhausting session with Cortana.

As it turns out Cortana did not know where the catnip was kept nor does she have opposable thumbs to open a can. Morgan could not figure out what her purpose was.

I wonder if she used my cell phone too.

46 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Morgan and her new “imaginary” friend

  1. Maybe Morgan would have had better luck with Siri… on second thought, maybe not! I am exhausted after messing with techie toys. I tried to back up my iPhone on Thursday and the whole ridiculous-ness of it lasted well in to yesterday and gave me a cranky. I haven’t backed it up since I bought it 15 months ago… who knew about backing it up? Morgan got a bit more done than I did. She looks darling there snoozing on her floofy mat!

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    • I had an easy peasy backup for my computer but then that was with Windows 7. With new updates it didn’t work. I still haven’t bought a new back up. I can backup to the cloud but I’m old school and like something tangible cluttering up my desk. Morgan is the only cat that loves the computer. She rubs it and you never know what havoc she wrought.


  2. Ha, ha. I haven’t used Cortana either. Maybe now that Morgan knows how to get Cortana to talk to her, the two of them will have regular conversations.

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