Sassy cats — Meeting Miss Daisy

This post was done in secrecy. My cats do not tolerate other cats on their blog. Shhh!

A friend of mine adopted a cat. Her name is Daisy. She’s originally from a high-kill shelter in Tennessee. When you see the pictures you will be surprised. She is beautiful and pure white with just a touch of a cattitude. She’s around a year old but we’re not sure as a lady never tells! Here are some wonderful pictures.

Hiya! How you-all doin’ (There’s a slight southern accent there!)

The food is much better here. The staff is more attentive too. (This is my adorable look that I use to exploit staff. How good is it?)

This is me and my staff! She is still in her probationary period but so far she’s doing well. Except for that visit to the vet. She’ll pay for that one!

Remember…if Morgan asks, mum’s the word! Or we can tell her this is a white frog.

49 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Meeting Miss Daisy

  1. Morgan and the others mustn’t find out—or the fur will fly! Very happy Daisy was pardoned and spared. After all, a cat as beautiful as she couldn’t have been guilty of more than… wait for it… a feliney. I know, that was absolutely terrible. 😀

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  2. She reads lips!!!! Thank you all for the kind words. She is something else. Daisy is trying as best as she can to make us all her minions…So far, it is her “Daddy” and her older, larger brother…but for me….it’s not working!!!!!! I will be strong. 🙂

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    • I have no idea. I don’t know why people “buy” pets instead of adopting. Animals at the shelter are beautiful. Last time I was there I saw a beautiful boxer up for adoption. He was a favorite and the office team had him loose greeting people. Too bad we have a “no dog” policy in our house or he would have come home with me. Another friend has a gorgeous border collie. You couldn’t buy a better or more beautiful dog. It also came from a high kill shelter in the south.

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  3. Beautiful! Looks so soft and fluffy but you better stay quiet to the others because I know how my Cat gets when she sees another kitten come in for a bit. Get a Cat bed that looks like a lilly pad and the “Frog” idea might work to keep the peace.

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