Save me a good spot…

…at the old folks home! Cat friendly of course!

I’ve had one of those weeks where I wondered where I left my brain. (You’ve had them! ‘Fess up!)

If you see it (the brain), let me know. It’s gray and fluffy. And large, very large.

We’ve been on a roll in this house. Forgetting appointments (we never do that!).

Scrambling days (is today Monday or Tuesday? No? It’s Thursday? How did that happen?)

I thought I lost a week (I found it again).

I’m asking questions when I know the answer.

It’s a lot of forgetfulness. (There must be a name for this. A cute one that doesn’t sound terminal. If it gets me a good seat in a restaurant, that’s even better.)

Is this part of the aging process? A blonde moment (the beloved husband who shares this illness is not blonde)? Spring or cabin fever?

These things come in clusters for me. When I was working (yes, they happened then too), I would blame heavy workload or distractions. (Mostly crazy employees because it couldn’t possibly be me.) Hard to use that excuse now (although we do have a new, very demanding cat!).

The good news is that the cluster is over. Maybe.

I have to remember to reset the clocks. Is that this weekend or was it last weekend? Is it spring yet? How about happy hour! I could use a good happy hour. With a very large drink to match my brain!


55 thoughts on “Save me a good spot…

  1. Once I tried to change the channel on our television… WITH THE CELL PHONE instead of the remote. And, I’ve actually put the milk back in the cupboard. Unfortunately, I’d initially pulled it out of the refrigerator! Also, I’ve been known to lose my glasses… ON THE TOP OF MY HEAD. Can’t imagine how they got there, but it probably had something to do with my wife saying that sometimes I act like I have nothing between my ears. I’m almost afraid to have her take a look, though, for fear she might see my ear on the other side. I’d blame all my absent-mindedness on Daylight Savings Time but this has been going on for a while now. 😀

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  2. I suppose it happens to all of us, but it can still be unsettling. I couldn’t remember the name of a television series I’d been watching and it drove me crazy. It eventually came to me and I was relieved! I know I don’t multi-task like I once did, and some days it’s just too much to expect my synapses to be at their best!

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  3. I hear you. I am increasingly noticing fits of forgetfulness. My problem is that I live with two teenage girls (in other words, in their “Peak Brain” phases) who call me on it every single time. I used to pride myself on my sharpness – now there are moments when I feel positively dotty.
    And since neither you nor I are old – there must be some other reason. The craziness of our times? The daily outrages and distractions? As with all negative things right now, in the end, I blame Twump.

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    • I agree (I do blame my higher coffee consumption on him!) and I do remember pointing out my mother’s faults to her. Looking back now, they were endearing characteristics and not faults at all. Perhaps your daughters will think that way too.

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    • I remember when I was in school, the nuns always complained about “transitional” times — fall to winter, winter to spring — as times when there was a lot of restlessness. Maybe we can blame on spring fever.

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  4. Hubby and I just bought a couple of houses. One to flip and the other to… Well, we haven’t decided upon that yet, but it might include a pack of matches and some kindling. (Just kidding. It’s not legal. I checked.) Our heads are full of insurance complications and deed translations and …. “What the heck is that thing hanging from the rafters!!!! Please tell me that isn’t a six-foot snake skin!!!” and “The bear spends his winters where???” We are so distracted that it isn’t unusual to find me hunting for that can of pop that I finished up and threw away two hours ago, and Hubby couldn’t find his tools if I super glued them to his T-shirt. We fill the tea kettle to make coffee, and it doesn’t matter that we forgot to turn on the stove. In five minutes we won’t remember that we wanted coffee anyway. That’s all because of the current turmoil. It has nothing to do with our age… nope… not at all. And coming home from the drug store without the prescriptions? I’m blaming it on the insurance company, the recorder of deeds, and that stupid bear… It has nothing to do with…. wait, what were we talking about?

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  5. I seem to have those days a lot around here lately. I get deep in some code on the site and decide to stretch my legs and let the dogs inside, as I walk through the office doorway they are laying in the floor of the living room. If I converted my brain to gasoline, it wouldn’t power a flea’s minibike halfway around a BB!

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  6. My grandmother once started taking everything out of the refrigerator so she could put the broom in it. Said she was thinking hard about something else and pulled open the ‘fridge instead of the pantry closet.

    So it can always be worse?

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  7. spring forward this weekend, and I’m right there with ya, let’s reserve our rooms at the senior cat friendly home now! lol, hang in there, it’s been a hectic week for you.

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  8. We have had a month of scatterbrain and forgetfulness BUT I am pretty much like that every day! It hasn’t helped that our internet and WP has been having a behavior problem. I think I get all distracted, forgetful, and scatterbrained because my brain is way ahead of me all the time. Resetting the clocks! I am not a fan of springing forward… I like things just the way they are! Good Morning, Kate!

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  9. ‘Happens to all of us!! Sometimes even in reverse (e.g. remembering something that didn’t actually happen…or misremembering details). This morning, I woke up in a panic that a Newcomer’s Meeting, that I was “voluntold’ to take notes for, took place last night…and I had forgotten to attend! When I woke up, I checked my calendar, and that meeting does not take place until March 30. Our brains do like to play tricks on us…including ‘Hide and Seek’!

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