Random 5 for March 12 – Zen table, ants, false advertising, books, family

She’s got taste! – The beloved husband made a small table for one of the granddaughters. She is creating a “Zen corner” in her room. Here is the finished product with the “Zen” color she picked. It’s currently being examined by the quality control team.

The real first sign of spring – (Setting the scene – in the background you hear strands of “Oh when the ants come marching in…”) We had a rogue group of ants in the laundry room this week. They must be those searcher ants looking for food or water. Fortunately none of the cats eat there so they got nada. They did get terminated though.

Hairstyles – I’m a sucker for hairstyles or anything that makes you look younger. (It’s a hobby but I can tell you nothing works.) Occasionally I click on a link from a magazine article. The “styles for older women” are always modeled by women on the sunnier side of 30. Seriously, if I was 30, I wouldn’t worry about a hairdo to make me look younger. How do I know if it makes anyone look younger if it isn’t modeled by someone older?

More $$ for less? – You don’t save money by buying the Kindle version of a book. It costs the same as the paperback version but you don’t have the book cluttering the house. It’s up there in the cluttered, but unseen, cloud. This week the beloved husband looked at a newly released book and the Kindle version was more costly than the hardback version. He’ll wait until it comes down or borrow it from someone else. ‘Splain to me Lucy – no paper, no delivery – how can it possibly cost MORE?


It’s in the genes – Oldest Stepdaughter (who has two dogs and two cats) recently adopted a pair of older cats whose owner passed away. The cats have always been together and were adopted as a couple. So far there is cautious optimism. Her pets are used to new animals but these two are wondering where the two funny looking cats (dogs) came from. Saving animals runs in the family.

So how was your week?


59 thoughts on “Random 5 for March 12 – Zen table, ants, false advertising, books, family

  1. Love, love, LOVE the zen table! It’s a great shape and I think the color is fantastic! And I love hearing how your stepdaughter is another animal rescuer. We need as many animal-sensitive people as we can foster Good for her…and I’m sure you’re a wonderful encourager!

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    • All four of the stepkids (who are in the 40s) are animal people. I always say that my husband has 2 granddaughters and 13 grandpets. We were wowed by the paint color she picked but it’s her favorite color!


    • I love it for the space saving especially after we donated about 30 boxes of books. I got used to the Kindle. Now I find it easier to carry to doc’s offices and other places where I have to wait. Can’t beat the smell and pictures in a real book though.

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  2. I love the color she chose for the table, very soothing. Rogue ants, huh? And who was the terminator? Kate, your thoughts on the hairstyles for older women reminds me of those commercials where young women with the whitest teeth you’ve ever seen are complaining about having yellow teeth. Really! The least the advertisers could have done was to select a woman who actually had yellow teeth! The Kindle book price is a very interesting conundrum indeed? Dogs and cats living together? What a concept! 😀

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  3. … but I want books cluttering up the house! They’re my friends! I’ve decided that Kindles are not for me. I never remember what I read on one of them, then end up buying a book which turns out to be one I’ve already read on the Kindle. It’s a gimmick. 🙂

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  4. The new girls are settling in just fine. They don’t even notice the dogs but our other cats are not friends (yet). We named the black and white girl Luna (w the help of the nieces). Ginger girl came w the name Mitzi and it seems to suit her. Sweet loving kitties! Can’t wait for you to come visit them!

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  5. I don’t get Amazon pricing at all. Most of my books come from the library, second hand stores or BookBub (if you don’t know about BookBub, you might want to look into it). We are thinking about signing up for Amazon Prime – free shipping plus a large selection of books to borrow. I’m so glad the beautiful table for your granddaughter passed the four paw inspection.

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  6. I love that ZEN table! Great color and clean lines. Well done!

    I won’t pay more for a Kindle book than for a paper book. Ever.
    To solve the clutter problem, I donate paper books to the library once I’m done reading them.

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    • What I need to do is join our local library. You can borrow an “e” version for 2 weeks from them. No books or charges. Our local library hasn’t been taking book donations for a while. There are still places to donate books but they are disappearing. Little neighborhood book boxes are popping up. Love to see the recycling.


      • If our library doesn’t need the donated books for the stacks, they sell them at the Annual Book Sale. I love the little lending libraries too. I see them around in parks, etc. There’s even one in the lobby of the library.

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  7. The whole high priced kindle version irks me too! If e-books were offered at a fairer price that would encourage more readers, and thus more literacy, and thus more e-books purchased. Wouldn’t that be a win-win?

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  8. I used to read a lot of paperbacks. I don’t have a kindle but the wife has one and reads all the time. I may own stock in some of the books if I check, I know she buys enough of them.

    Makes you wonder why they don’t do as much for men. Men just don’t care enough? I enjoy natural in women, they are who they are and you love them for that.

    We have the little black ants (Sugar Ants we call them) they love to invade houses as temps warm. We also have the dreaded Fire-ants that hurt when they bite and start this time of year building the mounds about 9-10 inches tall that you have to destroy which causes a huge spread of them. They seem immune to anything short of nuclear attack, but the radiation from the bombs tend to kill the grass.

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  9. I’m a huge fan of grand daughters wanting zen areas … what a smart kid! The table will be a perfect addition to the zen since it was made with loving hands. Win/Win!
    I am so happy that those cats hit the lottery, and are able to enjoy the winnings together ❤

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  10. I LOVE the little table. Skillfully made, great color. Can I be a granddaughter? I am a *little* long in the tooth maybe, which leads me to ALL THE WRINKLE AND HAIR COLOR PRODUCTS pitched to make you “look younger” with models just as you say, WHO DON’T NEED THESE PRODUCTS. They might as well go ahead and lie and say the 30 year old model is really 82! And look what their products did for her! (When I *do* see an actual older woman in an ad I know it’s for something bad: incontinence, rotting bones, bad backs, hot flashes, *forgetfulness*, “retirement living”…

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  11. “Splain to me Lucy – no paper, no delivery – how can it possibly cost MORE?”

    I suppose the Kindle people follow the policy “You don’t get if you don’t ask.” Or they are cynically hoping the readers don’t compare the costs.

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