Sassy cats – It’s been a crappy week!

I don't feel good.

I don’t feel good.


Poor Hazel had a bad case of diarrhea. Really bad. (Reminded me of my last colonoscopy prep. Can you relate?)

Editor’s note: Squeamish readers should scroll on. However, you will miss a good post!

Poor Kate had to clean and clean and clean. For two days! Hazel doesn’t have accidents so we knew she was sick.

We threw out one carpet. There is only so much cleaning you can do. We considered moving.

She has this problem periodically. She has GI issues (like her owner). My vet doesn’t recommend rice for cats or diet changes. She says it makes it worse.

Cats are true carnivores. Technically they are obligate carnivores meaning that they need meat to get their nutrients. Vegetables and grains don’t work for them.

Hazel was relieved to hear there won’t be any rice (or tofu) in her diet. She is not an Asian cat. Give her a good Friskies burger any day! Barbecue! Fourth of July! Baseball! Truly an American cat!

Hazie at the vet.

Hazel at the vet. “Take me home. Please, I’ll be good.”

They recommended something specifically for diarrhea and it seems to work.

There is nothing worse than an ill pet. Cats hide their illnesses. By the time you realize something is wrong, they are sicker. Hazel is the worst. She will spend a week under a bed rather than get a medication to feel better.

Mollie -- no poop balls here!

Mollie — no poop balls here!

Mollie, in a solidarity of sorts, started pooping hair poops. If you don’t know, those are the ones that have Velcro on them so they stick to butt fur. Yes, it’s a hoot chasing a cat with a bouncing poop ball on the backside! Argh!

The good thing about multiple pets is that when one is sick and you are in pits, another will brighten your day. Morgan was wonderful. She didn’t break anything, hide anything or pee over the side of the litter box.

It just doesn’t get any better than that! All the cats wish you a bright and poop-free New Year.

Morgan: I am the good cat this week. No, seriously, I am!

Morgan: I am the good cat this week. No, seriously, I am!

77 thoughts on “Sassy cats – It’s been a crappy week!

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  2. See – that’s why you have to have more than one cat. So after cleaning, recleaning, and chasing to wipe poop balls off or rear view, you need a second cat to cheer you up (and to sneer at the unfotunate cat that “Who’s the good kitty now?”)
    RC is also of the opinion of “No weird special – expensive food” – will make any difference…especially if there is no way anyone will carm that good for you food down her throat.
    Hope Hazel is feeling better. Maybe she’s just getting rid of all the bad stuff from 2016 in order to wake up to a fresh, brand new year?
    Happy New Year from our realm to yours!

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  3. Poop-free (or throw-up free or pee-free) is something I don’t dare think about in my wildest dreams… as my oldest Cat, Pharoah, is slowly losing it… but I’d rather clean up after him than take that final trip to the vet… which neither of us are ready for yet. I wish your kitties a healthy new year.

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  4. Normally, I am laughing at my own poop, but today I am laughing in relief that nobody has to chase me around to relieve me of a velcro-poop. See, the year is ending better already! Here’s another thing to look forward to in 2017 — no velcro-poops. It’s looking brighter and brighter!

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  5. So sorry, Kate! seems 2016 has been the year for kittie sickness! What a delightful telling, though, as your humor survives! Consider moving, “snort” I totally have been there, you’re right, only so much cleaning you can do. Pitch it. Then buy another that can be tossed if necessary, too. Snuggles to the kitties, and high fives to you!

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    • My heart goes out to your DIL. I had 2 diabetic cats. One lived 5 years with it and the other 9 years. The first one got 1 shot a day. It was the ’90s and they didn’t regulate as well as they do now. My second cat who passed last year got 2 shots a day and I could test his glucose at home periodically to make sure he was on track. He had a lot less symptoms and was healthier a lot longer. Good luck to her.

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    • It isn’t the first one and probably won’t be the last. We converted our smallest bedroom into a catroom where one of the many litter boxes is and water and kibble with a nice comfy chair that get sun for 6 hours. The first thing we did was rip out the wall-to-wall and put in hard flooring that is easily cleaned. So much better.

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  6. Poor puss. Hope she is better. Like you say, our pets don’t let on they’re feeling unwell. Maggie tends to look forlorn if she’s feeling under the weather. At the moment, she’s flaked out from a rather long walk back from the supermarket.
    How many cats exactly do you have now?

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  7. Kate, this is amazing/horrible/hysterical! :-p Poor Hazel, glad she is on the upswing. Poor carpet haha. A friend of mine used to have a cat that got so fat he couldn’t clean himself so they would have to shave his butt to keep the dingleberries off. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a grown man shave an obese, ornery cat’s butt. LOL!

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    • Had one of those cats although she was very sweet about it. At first I had the vet shave it but it was more cost effective to do it myself. This is the number 1 reason I work to keep Hazel’s weight down — not diabetes or other diseases. Cleanliness. Hazel would not like a shave.


  8. Dingleberries! Ugh. And you can’t order a cat to come and stand and wait while they get cleaned off, unlike dogs. Although, the cats don’t drag their butts across the carpet to wipe it clean like our dogs will…

    I think pets are one of the reasons we have area carpets and not wall-to-wall carpeting. Because you can throw those area carpets out!

    Hope everyone’s tummy troubles settle down soon.

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  9. Oh My Gosh Kate I am dying laughing! I KNOW! Not laughing at Hazel… poor Hazel ♥ Love the picture of Mollie with elevator butt, Bouncing Poop Balls… dying! The picture of Hazel at the vets, I want to scoop her up and hug her. Good girl, Morgan, for not adding to the Staff’s stress. I personally, do not want a poop free year… 😀 This post has given me the giggles… CH is laughing at me laughing!

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