Sassy cats — Hazel’s vet visit

Poor Hazel in carrier

Poor Hazel in carrier

November was vet time for both Mollie and Hazel.

I had reworked the food stations in the late summer. Long time readers know that Hazel is all about the food and will eat continuously if food is freely available.

The only solution was to put the food for Mollie and Morgan up where Hazel can’t jump and monitor Hazel’s portions.

Hazel lost 4 pounds over 18 months. All was good. She wasn’t a thin cat but she was able to keep herself clean and get around better.

That worked for a few years but as Mollie aged, the jump got harder (I’m such a softy). I tried a few options ending up with a step-stool to shorten the jump. Not only was that better for Mollie but for Hazel too.


Good grief! What are they doing? This is indecent. How many hands are there? Ack! Those are my private parts!

Hazel gained a pound before I realized what was happening. More adjustments. Then the vet visit.

The vet wasn’t too concerned about her weight gain. She’s a plump cat but she was never skinny. (Technically she was skinny when she was found as a starving kitten which contributes to her obsession with food.) She’s healthy at age 11-ish and that’s what counts.

Hazel was grateful that the food wasn’t more severely cut back although she much prefers easier access. She survived her annual invasion of privacy!

Life is good!


31 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Hazel’s vet visit

  1. I used to really hate taking my cat to the vet (is it possible that I hated it more than she did?). Her howls, which stared as soon as I was able to get her in the carrier, didn’t stop until I let her out when we got back home. Then, she acted like nothing had happened. I, on the other hand, had to sit down for a rest. I’m glad everything checked out for her.

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  2. It’s hard to limit food access for cats. They such agile predators that even an inept house cat can catch something like 4 birds a year. A stationary food dish stands no chance.

    Also, they throw items off counters when the food dish is empty. Or at least mine do.

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    • Hazel doesn’t go outside. I used to have a chubby one that did. Diets were a joke. She supplemented with birds, mice and chipmunks all of which she liked better anyway. She was a great hunter even with her girth. Hazel can’t jump higher than 30″. She can’t do counters but will do tables. Her favorite trick is to sit in front of me with pathetic eyes and stare until I get out some food. Damn! It works too. She’s trained me well.

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