Random 5 for December 11 – Non-intuitive graphics, warehouse stores, giving, courtesy, friends

This is the only care directions

These are the only care directions

Seriously? – I’m not a dumb person (stop giggling!). I recently bought special socks that keep your feet warm without a lot of thickness (in other words they fit in your shoes). It’s an American company but the care directions were in pictures (above). What I got from this is to wash it in 40 degree water (who takes the temp of their washer water?) and do not iron (no problem – don’t think I ever ironed socks). The rest of it was a mystery. I keep a chart in my laundry room so I can look up these “easy to understand graphics.” There wasn’t a single word in any language on the socks or the cardboard thingy it came in that said, “wash cold, dry low heat.” As for “do not dry clean or iron,” well we’re talking socks here. Who does that?

A disappointment – A much hyped warehouse store finally opened nearby. I’ve been waiting for two years. People love this store. We don’t need a membership to a warehouse store. There are two of us (and three cats) here. However, I have found that a visit every other month or so to pick up cat food, litter, toilet paper and paper towels plus a few other basics is very convenient. The savings is minimal but it covers the membership fee. It’s really about the convenience. I like buying the cat food in cases of 48 cans. So much easier than individual cans or smaller packages. On my first visit I realized that they mostly handle their own brands. There is no choice. They have one type of Friskies cat food and it’s not what my cats like. Same with the litter. No choice in paper towels. Their meat and bakery are top notch but that’s not the focus of our warehouse trips. We may end up at our old less-convenient store because they carry the basics we like.

Is giving for the recipient? – At a recent Starbucks visit there was a policeman in line. The woman in front of him bought his drink. She made quite a production of it, thanking him for his service — loudly. He was gracious. There was a significant change in the demeanor of the giver. Her chest puffed up and she got taller. Her shoulders went back. You could see that she felt good about herself. She had an adrenaline rush from her good deed. It was amazing to watch and reinforced my theory that “real” giving is more about the giver. Keep that in mind when you get that goofy Christmas sweater.

Speaking of Starbucks – What’s with people keeping a car lane between cars in the drive through line? I watched as a woman put on her “face” in line while we all waited. She didn’t look any better afterward either. Fortunately you can’t get a face lift in a drive through.

Feast or famine – That’s how our social calendar is. Always. Lots or nothing. We’ve been trying to connect up with two different group of friends recently and neither were free during our “famine” period. I’m sure we’ll have another of those incredibly busy “feast” times coming up.

So how was your week?


41 thoughts on “Random 5 for December 11 – Non-intuitive graphics, warehouse stores, giving, courtesy, friends

  1. Those instructions are GREEK to me.
    Or maybe Egyptian hieroglyphics.

    I’m surprised she didn’t take a selfie of her and the officer to post on FB and Instagram ~> her Ego obviously wanted to accolades, applause and approval for her “good deed.”


  2. We tried the warehouse thing, it just doesn’t work for us. Those labels for washing, they drove me crazy so now I never look. I just toss stuff in and hope for the best. Haven’t ruined anything yet. Not to be all humbug, but that lady would have irked me. She started out doing a very nice thing and then made the officer feel uncomfortable. Drive through lines almost always are entertaining… 😀

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    • Starbucks is always entertaining, in or out. I always wash the same. Don’t like to have to coddle anything. I don’t buy hand wash stuff or dry clean (unless I’m buying a suit which wait…can’t remember last time I did that!). Just easier.


  3. We finally quite the warehouse stores. Towards the end the only things we were buying was wine and vitamins (which is funny if you think about it), and it’s not like you can’t get each somewhere else. I think really it was the parking lot hassles and the long lines to check-out that convinced us to stop going.

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    • We have a one year membership now so we’ll try it a few times and see if they carry some stuff we use. Their desserts looked fabulous but are too large unless we are taking to a party. Many of the grocery stores now carry “bulk” size packages of toilet paper, paper towels and that sort of stuff.


  4. My brother and sister-in-law are both retired police officers. I think they – especially my shy SIL – would have found that encounter with the “giver” extremely embarrassing and uncomfortable. By calling attention to HER GOOD DEED, she completely failed to take the receiver’s feelings into account. Just pay for the coffee quietly, then thank them discretely (without mentioning the paid-for beverage) as you leave. If you must gloat, post your good deed on Facebook. Gad.

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  5. I feel exactly the same way about our much hyped warehouse store (which I am sure is the same corporation as yours). All of my friends LOVE it. I thought it was just me. Every few months I give it a try again…and come out with only (you guessed it) toilet paper and paper towels. The rest is simply too much, too confusing, too all-the-same brand for me. Glad to know that I am not alone on this.

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  6. No triangles? No pyramids? Don’t put them in a pile? Don’t take them to Egypt? I have no idea! But as to the dry cleaning, when I was young I worked with a guy who took his underwear to the dry cleaners every week like clockwork.

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  7. Do they still make Woolite? I can never find the original, one capful in cold water, kind. Maybe that’s the answer for your special socks.

    I’m not into bulk shopping. Camille is…you know, my nutty pal? Don’t ever open a closet in her house…70 rolls of toilet paper may come tumbling down giving you a concussion. I prefer small doses of everything…even paper products.

    The ‘Hey Look At Me Giver’ needs a giving tutorial. Receiving is in the giving, I totally feel that, but it must be a tongue and cheek kinda deal.

    And as far as your social famine…remember Thanksgiving? It was your Alamo.

    Love the Random 5


  8. We only use our warehouse store card for gas now, since it is the lowest around. I don’t think I’ve actually been inside the store for years. We’re like you, though, all the kids are out of the house so it’s just the hubby and me, we don’t really eat the same types of food since I’m changing my lifestyle habits (no one likes the “dieting” word) and we only have one cat.

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    • We’ve been eating “lighter” too. It’s not really intentional. I get tomatoes at the store because you can get the hothouse ones (during the winter) in a large package and they taste pretty good (for a tomato that didn’t come from my garden). You need more cats!

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      • LOL took me a long time to even allow a pet in the house. I did not need another body to take care of. This one can stay because she basically just comes in for food and sleep. More than one at a time would be out of the question.

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  9. With seven cats in the house buying cases of cat food is a must. I recently started buying from Chewy.com because I can order 7 cases of what I want and it is delivered to the front door. Same price as my local grocery and pet stores. Very convenient!

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