Sassy cats — An attempt at videos

It takes a video to see someone’s personality. I have been surprised to see someone I know only through writing, talk with an accent or look differently than what I imagined.

Same with cats. Morgan, although almost five, is very young at heart. She is the cat that runs over everyone (including humans)Β to be first out on the porch or up the stairs or at the food dish or at the newly cleaned litter box.

She bleats at critters (birds, squirrels and chippies) outside the windows. Here is my attempt to videotape her while she is “talking” to her friends. She used to bellow her feelings but now her chirps are softer so you have to crank it up to hear. (And watch that twitchy tail! Also notice that she does it from the comfort of a chair rather than a hard floor!)

Miss Morgan:

This is what she is watching. There are many more birds around but these were outside the window:

43 thoughts on “Sassy cats — An attempt at videos

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    • They are all similar yet different. When Hazel was young she would get so into it that she would run full force into the window. She destroyed a blind trying to get to the bird on the other side of the window. I worried about brain damage but how would I know?


  2. I wish mine were that soft. Frisky has a howl that will break your ear drums, esp if she thinks her food dish is empty. What’s worse is she doesn’t even check first. Sometimes I have to fake putting food in it to shut her up. My two birdwatch but do not fuss about it, just stare.

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