Sassy Cats — Hazel

hazel-close-up-face-2016Hazel is the red-headed stepchild of cats. She doesn’t have the personality you adore or the coloring people fawn over. She won’t climb in your lap and purr. She is just a great cat.

She was feral-born so she’s skittish even after living in this cat heaven for 11 years with an incredible wait staff.

Still loves window sills

Still loves window sills

Her biggest notoriety came when she fell out of a second floor window and landed in the lilac bush. She didn’t hurt herself and it didn’t keep her off of windowsills.

At her largest

At her largest

Like many people, she has a weight thing. When she’s upset or nervous she eats to medicate. When you have a multi-cat family it’s hard to track who is eating what. That forced me to feed the other cats on shelves that she can’t access. She doesn’t like that.

Until her major weight gain which happened when Morgan joined the household, she could jump as high as any other cat. Not so much now. She’s more of a hopper than a jumper but she can still get on windowsills and comfy chairs.

She lost almost five pounds over the course of a year. That was 27% of her weight. Weight Watchers would approve. She’ll never be thin but she’s healthy.

On the porch chair

On the porch chair

She is the easiest cat ever (unless you count how difficult it is to catch her for a vet trip). She loves all the cats even pesky Morgan.

She chases Morgan which is pretty funny as her legs splay out as she rounds corners at a high speed causing a belly flop landing.

No flash, not showy and occasionally silly, Hazel is an all around great cat. The kind that you would walk by at the shelter and not take a second look at.

She’s home though and pretty happy. That’s all that counts.

28 thoughts on “Sassy Cats — Hazel

  1. I’m such a sucker for the underdogs in life…I guess I could say something clever about an “under cat,” but it sounds goofy! 🙂 I am probably one of those who would have taken her, to be honest. I can’t stand the thought of any living thing being considered unlovable, but since you love her and have indeed provided her with cat heaven, I’ll definitely love her from a distance. 🙂 She’s a sweetie!


  2. Hazel sounds like Olde Tiger who was born of a feral mom that landed on a neighbor’s porch just in time. Tiger was sweet – on his terms and we lived at that time in a place with a large pasture behind us and was safe, so he claimed the back yard and garage for his. Fiercely protected it. I saw him dash outside in the middle of a hurricane to chase/escort a rather large snake off the deck and across the border. Then return as if nothing was wrong (We did go out to dry him off – he had a cat door and could come in anytime, but he had his preferences…and would actually try to eat through the wall if we locked him in during storms or bad freezes. Eventually we moved and I announced to him at his age his outdoor days were past. Which he graciously agreed. While he was never cuddlie, he did enjoy a good ear scratch when he wanted one.

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  3. It’s funny how some cats can regulate their own eating and others – like Hazel – can’t seem to turn off their hunger button. She is such a good looking cat even with a few extra pounds, but I bet she feels better as a lighter version of her former chubby self (not that she’d admit it).

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    • She was having mobility and grooming issues. It’s so much better. My vet said that since she was feral there may have been days that she went hungry. She eats everything just in case one of those days will return. (That never happens here!)

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  4. My Ex-stepmother’s cat fell out the second story window into the azaleas when I was a kid. Took us a while to figure out why the indoor cat was on the outside front step, meowing.

    The windowsills in my current house are too narrow for cats. We got scratching posts that sit under several of them, though.

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    • They can only sit on the sills when the windows are open. Usually we have them open often but this year was too hot. We only have 2 windows in the house with a sill bit enough when closed. They sit there but not as often as you’d think. They like the sliding glass doors for looking out best after being in the screened porch.

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    • Any cat that comes in the front door never leaves. Hazel is the easiest cat especially when it comes to getting along with other cats. She is definitely not an alpha cat. She often lets me pet her too but she is the most sensitive to my tension (like the kind I get when they have to go to the vet). She can tell and cannot be found.


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