How not to plan a sick day

Source: clipartpanda

Source: clipartpanda

When I think of getting sick I think of a rainy day, soup, naps, pajamas and books or cooking shows on TV.

That never happens.

I only get sick at the most inopportune times. Like when it’s the only sunny day in the week. Or when there is a parade of workmen coming. Or there is no food in the house.

When I worked, I didn’t always have the luxury of staying home. I would dispense my germs to a wide audience of unsuspecting employees. (What! They have health insurance!)

I don’t have a Mom to make soup. I don’t feel like cooking. Never was fond of canned soups. It doesn’t fit my fantasy of how to enjoy being ill.

There are a few daytime TV shows that are interesting (if you like cooking). I prefer to watch “cooking” than do it. Especially when I’m not feeling well.

Sometimes I make a note to try something. (I can hear you laughing! We both know that won’t happen!)

This week I got sick. I hit all the wrong things. It was the only sunny day predicted this week. I had hoped to start the fall cleanup outside. That didn’t happen.

There were two different sets of workers coming. The first ones were here 2-1/2 hours in the morning. The second one (working on the TV cable which meant there was no TV available) was here for hours. Something about a box not working. The second box didn’t work either. I was sure he was going to get his jammies and toothbrush and move in.

It’s hard to nap with workers wandering around. No pajamas for sure.

It gets more complicated. When I first laid on the bed, two cats joined me. There was a huge cat fight over the prize. (That would be me.) When that was settled I had to move because there is a TV in the bedroom that needed its box looked at. I move to the cat room.

There is a bed in the cat room. The cats sleep on it all the time. That means that it and my sweats are full of cat hair. It’s a cat’s version of a down comforter. Very effective but very hairy.

By the time everyone leaves I’m exhausted. There is no nap, no cooking shows on TV and no soup. Fortunately the beloved husband ordered pizza.



53 thoughts on “How not to plan a sick day

  1. So now scientific research is in that cat hair will cure anything…or pizza
    Being sick is no fun – especially when there are house invaders and good weather. (I’ve had my annual fall cold attack and hope that was it and not just foreshadowing. UGH)
    Homemade soup? – oh you were so lucky. Mom didn’t cook much – it was canned chicken noodle or canned cream of chicken (with water instead of milk as she didn’t want to use up the week’s supply of imilk) I think I stayed well out of self defense. Now the extremely close excellent Chinese place with fabulous soups are the first thing on speed dial if I feel whimpy.

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  2. Oh, my! One thing after another. Those workmen would have been a real annoyance. The thing that always seems to happen to me is I get sick enough to go the doctor on a Saturday night or Sunday morning when everything is closed.

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  3. So glad that you are feeling better! I remember getting sick and staying home when I was little and watching black and white TV reruns during the day. That, and having my mom take such good care of me, was the BEST! Being an adult and having to take care of ourselves when we are sick kind of sucks. Your husband “cooks” much like mine does!

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  4. The first time I got sick after my first marriage ended, I ran out to a convience store and bought a can of Campbell’s chicken soup. I had at least some happy memories of it when I was a kid; or so I thought. OMG, it was so full of sodium I thought I’d pass out from a salt overdose! I instead made a cup of tea, had a Twinkie, and went back to bed. As sick days from work experiences went, it was pretty pathetic. Glad you feel better!

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    • Yeah, not a fan of canned soups. I’m feeling normal but I still have the soup idea in the back of my head. Today is raining, cold (highs in the 50s) and I’m thinking of making a pot. It is the perfect sick day. Oh yes, we had 8 hrs of cable guys here this week and it’s not fixed. They will be back tomorrow. There may be a post there somewhere.


        • Our local Chinese place has great wonton soup. I didn’t think of that (sickness = foggy brain). We have a Tivo box and it’s recording whatever it wants, not what we schedule for recording. Sounds like a programming glitch to me. So far they have changed out every box at least once (even on our TVs that don’t have a Tivo box), redid our internet/phone modem (which wasn’t broke) and redid some wiring. We did not get a good feel for the guys who were here. They were clearly flummoxed and just changing everything out hoping it was faulty equipment.

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  5. Being sick with workmen wandering around = BLEAHHH!

    I like to close the blinds, curl up on the sofa, and watch a movie . . . watching the cable guy preventing me from watching a movie wouldn’t work.

    Hope you’re all better!

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  6. I hate being sick when it’s hot. Summer colds are awful. You don’t want anything warm — cat, fire, or soup!

    And cats are way better to have than dogs when sick. Cuz dogs still need to be walked. The number of times I’ve had a fever and had to walk dogs is far too high. But it’s either suffer through a walk, or sacrifice a bougainvillea, plum tree, cucumber plant, tomato plant, or pumpkin to energetic dogs.

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  7. Pizza always works in a pinch! I don’t know whether to giggle or empathize, because you are describing sick days for me, including the cat down comforter! I see your sense of humor never skipped a beat 😉
    How smart you are to pack so much into a sick day – see my tongue in cheek? Seriously, though, it is time for you to schedule a day at the spa, pamper yourself and enjoy r & r. Hope you are feeling back to your awesome self!

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  8. Sorry you weren’t feeling well. When my children were little, and went off to school, I sorta looked forward to being home alone on a sick day. But every time, one of them was sick too and I never seemed to get the time alone. Now they’re all gone, I would like to have one of them all to myself for a day!!!

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    • When I was very young I had a bad ear infection. I was out of school for 3 weeks. That wouldn’t happen today but it was a different time. My days adjusted to daytime cartoons and lots of attention. It was so hard to return to the grind but once I got there all my friends were glad to see me. Much as I like to have a day to myself now and then, I am glad to get back out there.


  9. Hurrah for Hubby!
    I’m lucky insomuch as mine goes overboard with tending to my every need if I’m poorly.
    The year I had flu, he’d decided to cook Christmas dinner, and we had duck. It was perfect, but I couldn’t eat it, or anything else. I have never been so ill, and whatever strain of the virus it was, it was vicious, relentless, and knocked me for 12, let alone 6.
    Hope you’re feeling better (Pizza can do that)

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