He should have stayed with Jenn

caketopperIn life there are people you admire. They are talented. They do good things. They get involved. From the outside they look like healthy, happy people. They are in stable relationships. They are living the dream.

Then it all blows up.

When Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt broke up, I was shocked. They seemed to have it all. Both were successful. Both were attractive. Both seemed down to earth (compared to the Kardashians anyway).

It was the end of a fairy tale. At least the happily ever after part. (Is there a happily ever after?)

I was in Jenn’s camp because it looked like she was “wronged.” Not that I blamed Angelina. Clearly Brad was poking around where he shouldn’t have been. He had made a vow.

Who really knows what goes on in relationship? Things simmer under the surface only to erupt when unexpected. People get blindsided. Or not. Sometimes they know. They prefer to not acknowledge. At least not to tabloids.

Brad seemed to be totally enamored of his new love. (He reminded me of Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s sofa singing of his love. That relationship is also defunct.) Angelina is beautiful in an exotic way. She is a great humanitarian and has done a lot of good for children (I admire her for that) but she’s quirky. Very quirky. Too quirky for Brad (or my version of Brad).

Time goes on. We all adjust the fairy tale. Maybe it was meant to be (tell that to the wronged wife – it’s like saying something was wrong with you).

There were all those kids. Happy holiday photos. Happy, happy, happy.

Until last week.

Perhaps we aren’t as monogamous as we’d like to think.


Another fairy tale shot down. May they all find peace.






31 thoughts on “He should have stayed with Jenn

  1. You pretty much said it all. Jenn always seemed normal amid a reat circus of people out there. I like movies and shows, but rarely have any interest in performers off screen. They ahve a right to have private lives -and it is none of anyone’s business – but apparently so amny of them are addicted to being on stage that they can stop “working” and just live off screen…and the scandal sheets/ studio profit/marketing demands have hindered that for many.
    Sad situation. It’s already getting ugly

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  2. It has been debated for decades – maybe centuries – whether humans, as a species, are monogamous by nature. Most of the evidence points to the “NOT” side of the argument. Something tells me that you and your beloved and me and my Austrian are more aberrations than norms.

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  3. With all of these allegations about him in the press, and law enforcement agencies speaking on the record that they have no comment (which I find both amusing and horrifying at the same time), my instinct tells me that Jennifer is probably better off– and knows it. I’ve always admired her. I thought her best moment was when she would wear the exact same outfit to every private engagement, and then change in a bathroom just to mess with the heads of the paparazzi. That told me she had spunk.

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  4. I hate myself for following this saga even the wee little bit I am. So many important issues facing us and, yet, this is where we focus. As far as I can see, these are just two (three, counting Jenn) people who – although way more beautiful and rich than the rest of us – make a bunch of decisions, some bad, some good. Marriage can be hard, and when outsized egos are involved and the tabloids are constantly watching, I think it would be difficult to keep things together. Like others, I feel bad for the kids who didn’t seek out the crazy celebrity world, but were thrust into it.

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  5. It takes two to make a relationship, and two to destroy one. For every “wandering male”, there is a receptive female, and the reverse is also true of course. For every marriage that suddenly falls apart, there is a history of issues…. it’s just that we weren’t told about them. This is no different than the musical “overnight success” …….. who probably became an “overnight success” after 5 years of hard work! I really don’t see celeb marriages as being much different from those of us regular folk!

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    • Well said. Celeb marriages are often more public which makes even small skirmishes bigger or more fatal. I have been gobsmacked by the split up of friends who I thought were doing well. The difference with a celeb marriage is that we feel we know them. We don’t and they can’t live up to our expectations because they are just people.

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  6. I’m not a fan of women stealing other women’s men yet it’s as old as men leaving one for the other. Just read a great book called Great Dames, and all of the women had affairs with married men. It really depresses me, I have to say.

    The children. Yes, the children will suffer more than they will.

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