Sassy cats — Everyone’s pooped!

After a week of projects, everyone’s pooped. Even critters that didn’t lift a paw to help. (Isn’t it amazing how that happens?)

Here are two workers that didn't do much work.

Here are two workers that didn’t do much work. There was discussion about a spider sighting and possible squashing but everyone was too exhausted to jump down and check it out.

Of course there was bath time. Nothing interferes with bath time.

Bath time!

Where is my loofah? Someone used all the shower gel!

While the cats napped and bathed (and thought about spider hunting), the chipmunks entertained. We have a family living in a condo they built in the pond’s stone wall. There are parents and tiny babies. They love running around the pond at Mach speed scooting in and out of the rocks.

They also enjoy getting the cats all riled up and scurrying off. I’ve seen them stand outside the screened porch with their fingers wiggling in their ears going “Na na na na na!”

Here is a member of the family. They are very hard to photograph because they are quick (and demand high modeling fees). I have hundreds of blurry chipmunk pictures. (Email me if you really want to see them!)

Come out and play with me!

Come out and play with me!

Hope you had a good week and were able to sneak in a nap or two!

45 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Everyone’s pooped!

  1. I would really have fun watching the chipmunk family! They’re so cute…although I’m sure that they really do taunt the cats, and that can be annoying! You have a little season of wild kingdom in your garden, Kate. You’re very hospitable!

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    • Our old cat Jake kept the chipmunk population down. Now I am worried that they will take over. They can be destructive like any rodent. We do have hawks and other predators that keep things in check. In the meantime I will enjoy the young ones chasing each other. That mom has her hands full.


  2. Can’t believe you managed to capture a shot of the little chipmunk. Something about them is just so mischievous and cheerful. I’ll bet it can be rather entertaining to watch them scurrying about, racing from one spot to another. Even though they likely aggravate the kitties, they are still pretty darn cute. Seriously, how in the world did you manage to capture such a great shot? Those little guys can MOVE! Loved the kitty photos, too, of course. Always good to see the family. 🙂

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    • I had a zoom lens and even so it’s not as crisp as I would like. He was being perfectly still trying to blend in the surroundings as I was far enough away. I took like 6 shots and this was the best. Most were blurry. They are very cheerful.

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  3. I love your animal pictures and the funny captions. “Where is my loofah? Who used all the shower gel?” The only chipmunks we seem to have out here in Western Washington seem to live in the forest.

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  4. I wish we had chipmunks in Florida. They are so cute! We have lots of fast squirrels and also two lazy cats. One cat – Foster Kitty – likes to stalk and kill squirrels and leave their tails on my doorstep so they really need to get a bit faster. I could make a squirrel tail stole with what he’s left behind. Uggh!

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      • It gets amazingly hot here. The first summer I lived here I thought I had made a terrible mistake. Can’t say I am used to it but I don’t look like a drowned rat all summer any more. There may be chipmunks in the upstate but I haven’t seen any in the midlands.

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  5. Love it that you have a chipmunk condo near the pond! Having chipmunks in our back yard is like having a built-in amusement park for our cats. They’ll sit in the screen porch for hours and watch the antics. Then they go take a nap.

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  6. My cats, particularly Jack, go absolutely batty over chipmunks. When they see one outside they start pawing the glass (cause they’re none too bright) thinking they can get at them. Must be because they are small, fast moving rodents (the chipmunks, not the cats).

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  7. Great to see the kitties! We have had a pretty good week but it has been rainy. Hoping for some sun for the weekend. I can’t believe you were able to get a good click of the little chipmunk, they are in constant motion!

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    • The chippy is a little blurred but it’s the best I could do. Yesterday and today are wonderful but tomorrow is expected to be rainy. Good thing I’m retired. Our weekends have not been great. Working folks have been complaining.


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