The first successful project for the summer!

The new walkway!

The new walkway!

We have a few projects to do. You know how projects go. Lots of trips to Home Depot. Arguments over how it’s done. At least one redo because it didn’t come out right.

I like when things come together.

When things fit.

When there are no leaks, no fights or an obscene amount of trips to a home center for obscure tools or miscalculated supplies.

Two small projects are planned for the pond area. One is to build a very short paver walkway joining the patio with the pond. This allows access to the pond without walking through flower beds. Aside from not squashing flowers, debris won’t get into the pond.

The other is to change the location of the waterfall and build a spillway. The current waterfall is all bubbly and agitates the water over the entire surface. Water lilies like peaceful still water. A spillway will aerate the water without the turbulence.

The weather has been weird. That means cold and unsuitable for outdoor work by my standards. I don’t like to be uncomfortable. We have been able to complete one project. I am elated.

Nothing went insanely wrong. (I don’t know how that happened! Something always goes wrong!)

There were only two trips to Home Depot. Woo hoo! There is nothing worse than going there when I am dirty and my hair is sweaty and flat under a hat. (I am more troubled by the hair than the dirt. I’m a girly girl. Dirt gives street cred whereas sweaty hair is just yuck!)

I convinced the beloved husband that he should go while I worked on prepping the site. It worked.

We used leftover pavers. That meant the project was almost free. (I love free!) We only had to buy gravel for the base.

We didn’t have enough of any one size paver so I had to create a pattern using three different sizes.

It worked. No one fell into the pond or worse yet, knocked dirt into it. Everything fit together.

I like it. (There is nothing worse than redoing a project you just devoted two days completing because doesn’t look right. Everyone gets cranky!)

I heard there is a worm buffet open?

I heard there is a worm buffet open?

The biggest issue was keeping the robins and frogs out of the hole. The worms were quite the attraction – big and juicy. I felt bad for them. We should name the little byway after them. Wormy Way? Slinky Street? I’ll have to think on that one.

In another month the pond will look like this!

In another month the pond will look like this!

66 thoughts on “The first successful project for the summer!

  1. My husband watches that show “Yard Crashers” and I always say, “The whole, ‘wandering around Home Depot looking for people for their show’ is staged.” He didn’t believe me. My point was, people don’t go to Home Depot in full makeup, with their hair perfect. Sure enough, I looked it up and they place ads looking for people whose yards they can cover. They location scout first, of course. I’m not sure he believes me but we women know we don’t look like that when we’re at Home Depot on a random weekend!


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  2. Loved the way you laid the pieced-together bits in the walkway. Very harmonious and natural looking. Always feels really good to get a project finished, especially when it was almost free. I absolutely love free. My favorite kind of project! Looks good!

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  3. I like the pavers’ color blend and pattern.You did a puzzle without a picture – pretty amazing.
    Never realized you had to adjust water activity to suit the plants, but thinking about it, waterlilies seem only happy in still waters (Do they are don’t they know what it good for them?)
    Congrats on all this!

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    • We do. Our pond is small by pond standards 5×11 with 700 gallons but we have a very healthy eco-system with plants and wildlife. We don’t get water issues except for the occasional algae invasion. I saw 4 plump tadpoles that will morph this summer and my last count was 9 big frogs. They do disappear. Things eat them or they go visiting. The fish, however, could use some tips on contraception. (Or I need some sushi recipes!)

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    • Each project we have has a “leader.” I was the leader on this one. The leader shouts out directions and the other follows. Depending on the project, the leader is different each time. We both enjoy simple projects and that helps.


  4. Walkway is awesome. I have been showing CH your pond posts. I would love a small pond but it would kill me if anything came to harm and it would out here in the wilds. But I would just love the water feature and the plants. AND we would have you to consult on the best location and tips… 😀 Your pond area is wonderful!

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  5. It looks lovely!

    Ha, I never considered the joys of no extra trips to Home Depot, but you’re right — it’s an indication of proper planning and efficiency. I shall judge all future projects by Kate standard.

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  6. I applaud your pond efforts! I have extensive gardens; no water features other than the hose and a bird bath that I must scrub frequently. And sometimes I forget. Yuck.

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