Random 5 for May 22 – Ponds, clientele, paragraphs, blogs, endings

Just look at that thing!

Just look at that thing!

What the? – Look at that picture! Do you see something…umm…weird? Maybe even gross? The electrical cords run through a piece of tubing for protection gave the appearance that my pond has a penis. How did that happen? There was a circumcision performed shortly after this photo was taken.

Old peeps – I got to the garden center as it was opening. It’s the time of the year when people are buying plants and vegetables for gardens. When I drove in there were three of us in the parking lot. When I left twenty minutes later the lot was full (maybe 40 cars). Where did everyone come from? It was 9 a.m. on a Friday morning! Looking around I saw that the older folks had come out in full force to get their geraniums. I wondered if they said the same thing about me.

White space – I like short paragraphs. Having lots of white space is good for my eyes. I also don’t get overwhelmed by the visual effect of so many words. A blogger I follow did any interesting post on paragraphs. No Elyse you are not alone on this.

Getting overwhelmed — This week has been busy. I got behind on blogging in several aspects. I didn’t have the posts tanked up and ready to go as I usually do. My blog visits were sporadic too. I’ve been slowly catching up. I really missed commenting. I get to say things on other blogs that I wouldn’t put here. Thank you bloggers who inspire me.

School is out – This week I will wrap up my training gig. It’s been a very fast six weeks. The students were great. I will miss them. I was surprised that such a short stint could result in the same feelings that you get when you end something that is longer, like a career or a semester. Perhaps it’s a variation of the empty nest.

Tom and BettyHappy 58th wedding anniversary to my brother and his lovely wife!

So how was your week?

55 thoughts on “Random 5 for May 22 – Ponds, clientele, paragraphs, blogs, endings

  1. Geraniums here grow best in winter/fall. I have a couple by the front that fade and manage to hide during the hot summer. There are very cheerful and I’m always grateful they make it through the baking season – both doing well right now with all the rain and cloudy weather holding temps down.
    I agree about short paragrpahs and white space. I’m constantly rewriting and slicing posts ( hard to tell that, HA HA). You seem to have it figured out….but then again , you manage a pond.

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    • Geraniums are good here until the high heat of August. Then they stop blooming and get leggy. My mother always planted them everywhere. I do just a few because I don’t like to change out in August. Replacement plants in the garden centers by then are often mums and I get tired of those fast. You do very short paragraphs, often only a line. Your posts make me think as I fill in the unwritten part of your message. Always makes me smile.

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  2. That’s a very nice photo of your brother and sister-in-law! Fifty-eight years together–that really is a celebration! Occasionally I have those same sudden realizations when I’m thinking that I’m in the company of a much older crowd and then it dawns on me that I’m one of them! LOL! I do understand being overwhelmed…it just happens sometimes! A new week and fresh energies!

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  3. Happy Anniversary to your brother and his lovely wife!
    Oh, yes, the garden centers (and farmer’s markets) this time of year are so much fun! This weekend I picked up some impatiens to complete a little hosta garden we planted. I’m so ready for summer!

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  4. I found your blog when several ‘someone’s’ said it was raunchy and about penises. 🙂 Seriously, nice to stop by here and ‘listen’ to your post. I feel as if you’re in the room with me, and we’re both discussing our gardens and blogs and paragraphs and empty nests. xo

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  5. Happy Anniversary to the happy couple. That’s something they should be proud of.
    As for what you see In the pond, well, I think that requires 45 minutes with a professional holding a pad and pen asking several questions…:)

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  6. Happy Anniversary to your brother and his wife! I have trouble keeping my paragraphs short. I will hit your link. I am person with a mind that easily goes to the gutter and it didn’t happen with your pond picture. I think because I have seen so much of that black tubing. We use it on our trees in the winter to keep the deer from taking off the bark. Our week was busy and a very nice week… 🙂


  7. Happy Anniversary to the happy couple! So you gave the pond a circumcision or is the pond now a eunuch? Because I’m sure that is truly what was needed. OK, Kate, I would never have seen a penis there. That is all in your smudged mind, I’m afraid ;).

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  8. Happy Anniversary to your brother and his wife. Fifty-eight years is definitely something to celebrate.
    Congratulations on wrapping up your teaching gig. I’ll be happy when school comes to a close here…the morning commute is always better.

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  9. I loved Elyse’s blog post about short paragraphs and white space too. I find myself skimming – or not even bothering to read – posts that are too long or too full of dense blocks of type. I just don’t have enough time in my day (and, frankly, many are just not interesting enough to slog my way through them).

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  10. I’m new at being old, so I bought only three geranium plants this week. One is on the deck I see from my computer, and it’s waving at me on this windy morning. It’s a little more stiff than the other plants. That’s appropriate for an old person’s plant, right?

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  11. Oh, I didn’t know geraniums were for old people. Guess I’m old. I decided weeks ago that I’d plant about four pots for outside. Those geraniums beckoned and I brought home 36 of them plus petunias and a few other things. And all those pots in the back yard give lovely pops of color amidst all the lush perennials. Flowers and quilting….two expensive hobbies. My favorite machine quilter did the quilting for the quilt top I made for my grandson. Now I have to find time to bind it. He might get it a month late. Fortunately he’s only going to be 1 so he won’t notice.

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    • They are not just for old people. I have them too. They were my mother’s favorite and if you go to our family cemetery, it’s the flower of choice to plant by the grave. In our area they take a hit in August if the weather gets super hot. When I first moved here all the vegetation was new (and small) I had 10 pots on my front porch just to give color and lushness. Slowly as everything has grown I’ve cut back considerably so I don’t have the watering chores. One of my favs at my house is our window box filled with…you guessed it…geraniums! Quilting! That’s something I have never had patience for. You grandson will love it.


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