Sassy cats – Crazy poop zoomers

Hazel ready for the dash up the stairs!

Hazel ready for the dash up the stairs!

Cats (and dogs too according to Ray from A Dog’s Life) occasionally (or often) race around insanely just before a major bowel movement. Perhaps it’s to “loosen it up” or “jiggle it down.”

No matter how you look at it, it’s crazy. All of our cats do it even the old ones. Up the stairs, down the stairs, around the room, up the walls, across the furniture (and you if you are sitting).

It never seems to make sense (especially to visitors) until they dart to the stairs for the litter box.

Then it’s grooming and off to nap. You don’t want them to cuddle with them at this time (or get a lick).

Morgan coming down the stairs.

Morgan coming down the stairs.



49 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Crazy poop zoomers

  1. See, color me crazy, but I think “Sassy cats – Crazy poop zoomers” is an absolute GENIUS title!

    It’s the alliteration of “poop zoomers” that really seals the deal for me.


  2. Great kittie photos. I never put this crazy behavior together with bowel movements… My “little” one, Frankie goes nuts after eating… thought he was just burning off excess energy… he then forces Freddie into playing with him and they chase each other around, up and down the stairs. Pharoah just looks on with disdain at all the antics! Now I’ll have to watch them closely to see what happens…

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  3. When you gotta go, you gotta go. Our cats are more the meandering type. Usually no poop zoomers. Once in a while, one of them will be extra-exuberant with burying in the litter box, though. You’d think they’re digging a tunnel to China!

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  4. Maggie tends to go round in circles then crouch, change her mind, round and round again, crouch, change her mind, and eventually nearly always ends up at Site One! I always thought it was the length of the grass for her (she won’t go on anything else, must be a dog thing).

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  5. Hi Kate – Yes, I still have a “zoomie” when necessary to loosen things up a bit. My Dad says that it can work for humans as well. He says to go for a long run a few hours after a heavy meal and see what happens! Woof! Ray.

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    • Oh yeah, been there. This morning there was a nice turd at the edge of the cat room. Sometimes they hang on the fur. Fortunately it released in the cat room and not the living room.


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