Sassy cats – Party on!

Hazel in a catnip daze. Notice the bag under her head.

Hazel in a catnip high. Notice the bag under her head.

My cats love catnip. It’s like crack cocaine for cats. Fortunately, it’s legal in my state. Don’t worry. They don’t inhale.

After weeks of endless discussion, finger-pointing and fruitless promises, I made new catnip mousies.

Got catnip? Or bacon? Source: (Please note this cat has a nice warm home and is not a stray anymore)

Got catnip? Or bacon? Or a winning lottery ticket? Source: (Please note this cat has a nice warm home and is not a stray anymore)

The opened catnip jar brought them all to the kitchen. (It works like bacon does with people. Start to cook it and people you don’t know come out of the woodwork! It’s almost as good at finding old relatives as winning the lottery.)

Morgan: Mine, mine, mine!

Morgan: Mine, mine, mine!

There was discussion on how much catnip to put in each packet. It was a loud discussion. Paws waved, ears flattened, chins flapped, tails…well they swished. Very hard swishes that stung! I had to wrestle the catnip container out of some pesky paws.

At the end of the day everyone was happy and I got to check something off my list.

As my blogger friend at Universal Musings reminded me, catnip is a gateway drug…slippery slope and all that. We are way beyond that.

I have slobbery bags lying all over the house. (Note to perspective visitors: If you see a soggy looking square of cloth, steer clear! Do not touch! Don’t trip over the dazed cats either.)

43 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Party on!

    • Jake (who was spoiled beyond words) was the only cat who got food from the table. I have been careful about that because I’ve seen cats that beg when visitors are there. Totally freaks out the visitors. Fortunately my cats prefer Friskies although I do give tubby Hazel some cooked chicken sometimes. Just never when I’m eating it. And yes, you should treat your cats!

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  1. I always seem to have one cat who doesn’t appreciate catnip. Currently I have one cat who goes totally bananas and loses control of himself when there is catnip around, one who likes it but can take it or leave it… and the third who says, I’m taking a nap, don’t bother me…

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  2. Mmm . . . bacon 🙂 My cats have all kinds of catnip toys that they ignore. Maybe I need to get the “hard” stuff and start sewing. Would that make me an enabler?


  3. Teddy only likes fresh nip. He will make do with dried but fresh is better. Jack just wants what Teddy has even if he doesn’t like it or as in the case of nip could care less.


  4. i actually know very little about catnip. Hearing how your cats behave makes me think, though, that I ought to grow it in my garden and send it to my friend’s cat in Massachusetts. Her cat, Jake, is a friend of mine, albeit very long distance. I wouldn’t want to get in trouble mailing the substance across state lines. Can’t you just see me explaining it’s just catnip, not a controlled substance? I’m going to do some homework!


  5. A cousin of mine makes catnip bags and ships them to her daughter for her cats. The cats can smell the catnip in the wrapped parcels and have been known to gnaw their way through the wrappings to get to the bags!


  6. I used to dole out catnip to Bat Cat and Commando Cat. Then they opened the cupboard when we were out NYE, ripped open a whole bag, and partied. Piles and swirls all over the kitchen. I’m just grateful cats can’t OD. (Can they?)


    • My favorite catnip story — one year (when I still enjoyed making gifts) I made little catnip bags for all my cat friends. I send 3 in an envelope to one guy (with 3 cats). His mail came through a slot in the door. By the time he got home not only the envelope with the catnip but all the mail was shredded and there was catnip all over. Clearly his cats were very deprived….

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  7. My daughter was in middle school when we got our first cat. I was going to buy some cat-nip for him which caused her to ask what cat-nip was. Well, I wasn’t sure how to explain so I told her it’s a mix of herbs that cats like to sniff; it mellows them out. Thanks to outside influences, what she took it to mean was that catnip was the equivalent of cat marijuana, in other words, DRUGS! Now, being the good kid that she was (and is, thank goodness), she forbid there to be any DRUGS in the house. It was kinda funny, but would explain why all of the cats we had developed some odd quirks that I’m sure were signs of withdrawals or could have been mitigated had they been allowed a little ‘nip’ here and there. 🙂

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  8. My cats are deprived of this. They are outside cats and Tigger sleeps all day and all night. I think her main exercise is strolling across the street to sneak food from the neighbors cat bowl. They eat at home and across the street everyday! Foster Kitty chases squirrels. Then drops them on my doorstep to ‘rest’ before he devours them head to toe! 😞 He does leave the tail. Do you think I could make a squirrel tail stole? Or maybe a muff?


  9. Oh, yeah . . . I almost forgot. We kept catnip for our previous cats in a plastic tub with lid and stored little stuffed mice in the middle of the stash.

    When we pulled one out, shook off the loose leaves, and tossed the messy meese into the air, the cats chased it, pounced on it, pounded it, chewed it, tossed it into the air, batted it around . . . and then relaxed from their labors.


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