Random 5 for January 31 – Squirrels, Jeopardy, Facebook, Groundhog Day, Exercise

"Breakfast time? Anyone home? Starving here!"

“Breakfast time! Anyone home? Starving here!”

Hey yo! – I’ve been feeding the squirrels during the snowstorm. If I am not on the ball, someone knocks on my window!

"Got my good side? Hope this isn't blurry!"

“Got my good side? Hope this isn’t blurry!”

Jeopardy! – During the winter months the beloved husband and I watch Jeopardy. We complain that the questions have become so obscure it isn’t fun anymore. Then I had a really hot week. Really hot! I was yelling the right answer left and right – even the obscure ones. (The beloved husband wondered what happened to his real wife and who was this person.) Friday I had a day where I forgot stuff, ran late and almost lost my purse. Not a Jeopardy day! That is the new standard to describe my day.

Stalkers – When I started my Facebook page, I was fascinated with the ads. There was a dating site that stalked me for months with pictures of 30-year-old hunky guys. (For reference I am in my 60s.) Then they went away. This past week I saw a new dating ad for seniors. The “candidate for me” was a guy who had to be in his 60s. He was attractive in a way older sort of way. Someone you would consider dating if you were in your 60s and single. I better check with the beloved husband to see if he knows something I don’t.

Groundhog Day on Tuesday! – I love that day. For me, it’s the unofficial start of spring. I am a very optimistic person and by February the worst of winter is over. We may get more snow (boogers!) but it melts in a few days. I have started salivating over spring clothes.

Maybe a sad sayonara! – I often blog about my lady gym. Lately the hours have been very erratic. I’ll show up in my spiffy sweats and the door is locked. Sometimes it’s because of the owner’s health issues but this week was especially erratic. Snow was the reason she gave but all the other businesses opened on time and the main roads were fine. I suspect she’s enjoyed sleeping-in as some messages sounded like she was still in bed. It’s been a frustrating week for exercise. Perhaps it’s time to look around for other alternatives.

So how was your week?



54 thoughts on “Random 5 for January 31 – Squirrels, Jeopardy, Facebook, Groundhog Day, Exercise

  1. The Groundhog looked pretty smug and sassy – and unstressed this year. And it’s opening day to look for summer t-shirts!
    Love your squirrel snapshots. Molly has realized a pair come by about 7:30 each morning for breakfast in the crepe myrtles ( which we don’t trim like the rest of the neighborhood so there’s still pods to nibble) She is mesmerized by their acrobatic ballet among the branches. Just stares without a sound or a leap….she probably thinks they are cats coming to visit RC or something.


  2. I bet those squirrels are going nuts. Free food! My wife won’t play Jeopardy with me. I’d claim it’s because I’m another, Ken Jennings, but I’m not nearly that good…yet. However, our youngest daughter plays against me and she’ll confirm I’m no Ken Jennings. But, she’s moving to New York this Wednesday—must be because I’m getting better with those answers. Kate, watch out, you may be a catch. I fear what your husband will say. Tuesday is also Bill Murray Day! Coincidence? I wonder.


    • I thought your daughter moved before the storm. No one is like Ken Jennings. My husband (but not me) knew the correct answer to the question he flubbed. Of course he didn’t know the 900 before that one. I hear it’s about clicker management. I think it’s about knowing stuff.


  3. Great photos! We are feeding squirrels here to but not snow as we have had a mild January and spring seems to be coming soon and we have already done some trimming. I don’t understand those FB ad either! But they must know I am old.


  4. I LOVE this new camera your Hubs bought you. I am a squirrel freak, and that first picture..sigh. I’m so happy you feed them. Me too. I carry nuts in my old Barbour pockets and distribute them in my park travels. They are so cute the way they follow me.

    Spring…yes…I’m in. The cold goes right through me. Doesn’t matter what I have on. Some woman said to me…you need more meat on your bones…I have mixed feelings about that.

    As far as your gym goes…nothings lasts…nothing. I do know from your writing how much you liked it there, but another watering hole is on the horizon.



  5. Love the squirrel photo. I loved it when I lived on the ground but now that I live in the clouds no squirrels. Bummer about the lady gym. Why don’t you buy the business think of all the post ideas.


  6. Love the squirrel photos, Kate. Those little guys are never shy about getting what they want. Plus, they’re great entertainers for the cats. I hope your gym survives ~ maybe a new, enthusiastic owner will take over.


  7. Wow, great snaps of that squirrel at your window. I’ve noticed those ads on Facebook also (though I’m currently off of it, which has been a really nice vacation!). Most of my ads are for vintage concert t-shirts for different groups. Probably because I joined all these different FB groups for my favorite bands. 🙂


  8. I love it… Either one is having a “Jeopardy day” or not. My not Jeopardy days would be mostly those where I can’t remember common words in mid-sentence. I think I’ll check out some dating sites and click on the pictures of much younger men. That way, they’ll stalk me with pictures of young, single stud-muffins. Much better than ads for toilets that I still see two years after I did an online search for a replacement for our broken one.


    • But you have spring much earlier than we do. Let’s hope it’s early for everyone this year. I love to watch the techniques the contestants use — some start with the top question and go down and some fish around the bottom for the bonus questions. Some do all the bottom (high $$) questions first jumping categories. It’s interesting.

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  9. Love your snow elf with the squirrel eager to make his/her acquaintance!

    Jeopardy rocks ~ I don’t mind not knowing stuff that I don’t know and never did . . . but it can be frustrating when I know I know “it” but can’t retrieve “it” in time!

    How frustrating to get to the gym for early morning fitness fun . . . only to be locked out.


  10. My week was chaotic, yet productive, ending with temps in the 60s! Unheard of in winter for these parts and I’m hoping, like you, that it means that on Tuesday that darned little groundhog doesn’t see his shadow.


  11. The squirrels are so cheeky, aren’t they?

    I used to feed the birds and so, by default, also fed the squirrels. I tried to fight it at first. But since I was doing the entire thing to entertain my sick mother, and she found the antics of the squirrels fun, I finally gave up.

    They eventually became completely oblivious to the cats but the cats did NOT become oblivious to them. And the squirrels knew it. They would just sit on the window sill, a mere glass pane away from an agitated cat and eat their sunflower seed or peanut. I know they were laughing.


    • Squirrels are very entertaining (according to my cats). It’s like turning the cat TV on when I feed them. I never tried to discourage but offered ground feeding with sunflower seeds and corn cobs to keep them off the feeders.

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  12. OhMyGosh Kate this post cracks me up with the squirrel!!! And your pictures are awesome! Love the colors… and the little snow person? What is your new camera… I think you aren’t letting it boss you around, I think you’ve got it! I always have ads telling me the warning signs of a heart attack… I guess because I visit Go Red for Women… spooky. I do have a cardiac stent so the heart attack ads leave me a little freaked out. The other ads are for Athleta, jeans, and BOOTS! It would be sad if your lady gym went under!


    • That’s a Dr. Suess snowman! I never get ads for Athleta although I frequent their site. I have a Sony camera, not the top of the line but middle for a small hand held. Still getting used to it. Mostly critters don’t stay still long enough for me to get great shots. Took a week until the squirrels didn’t get freaked out with the camera. I have a lovely picture of a big grey blur — Morgan jumping off the (forbidden) fireplace mantel.

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  13. Ha, I get wedding ads. Those stalkers are years behind. Right now I’m planning a trip and I’m getting tons of hotel ads. Darn those computer cookies. It’s kind of sad. Hotels I’d decided against keep popping up: “Pick me, pick me!” Like clueless, overeager suitors.


    • Yep I can relate. Just bought a new hair appliance. Because I’m neurotic I research relentlessly even for stupid little things like curling brushes. I am getting ads for all the ones that I didn’t buy and even the one that did buy. This is what made me not look up the sex toys from 50 Shades of Grey. Didn’t think I could drink my morning coffee with those ads.

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    • I thought that through some information stealing techniques FB realized that a 30-year-old wouldn’t work. I don’t know what made them revisit dating ads for me. Usually I get whatever I looked at last on Amazon or other merchandising sites and wrinkle cream. (I wonder who told them I have wrinkles…) As for you….hmmmm….

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