Sassy cats — Mollie and the z’s


Mollie fast asleep deep in the pillows

It’s 3 a.m. and a weird noise awakens me. It’s sort of familiar but it’s not the beloved husband’s snoring. It’s coming from the back of the bed.

Mollie, our smallest cat, who often sleeps there, was snoring up a storm. For a small cat, she sure can make noise.

I open one eye and in the dark I can see the silhouette of her body. Her legs are twitching, her hears flicking. Must be some awesome dream. I swear I see a smile on her face. Lucky cat.


42 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Mollie and the z’s

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    • Wait until I take her for her tooth extraction in a couple of weeks. Technically it should be better because the vet says that she has to have pain in her mouth. Hard to tell with cats. That makes her sweet dreams so much sweeter.


  2. But not lucky Kate! It is tough to be surrounded by snorers. I complain about my husband, and people are like, “go sleep in another room.”

    But it’s worse there. There’s a dog with a fourteen pound head who snores and he wants to sleep with me.

    Even Bossy Cat snores.

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    • Every living thing in this house snored except Jake, my old (deceased) cat. There was no getting away from it. On a good night I can sleep through it all. On a bad night………Then my husband has the guts to complain that the frogs are loud!

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