Sassy cats – Morgan and the ribbon

Morgan with ribbon in living room

Morgan with ribbon in living room

Morgan: “You didn’t pay for this, did you?”

Me: “No!”

Morgan: “Good! It’s ok then.”

My cats will not play with anything that is bought. If they find a paper clip or a leaf, they are in heaven.

Last Christmas we got a gift with a satin ribbon on it. From the day that we took it off until now, the ribbon is in constant motion.

I will find it upstairs or downstairs; in my bed or in their bed; near their food dish; or on the staircase.

There will be a flash of a gray cat with a red ribbon streaming from her mouth as she races around. Looks a little like Isadora Duncan and her scarf without the sad ending.

When it wears out I’m not sure what will happen. If I buy one, it won’t be the same. After all they don’t play with anything that is bought.

Don't worry! I'll protect you from this marauding ribbon!

Don’t worry! I’ll protect you from this marauding ribbon!

46 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Morgan and the ribbon

    • They get a mouse when they go to the vet. They each played with them when they are young. Now only Morgan is young enough to enjoy them. However, give them a nice catnip bag and we’re off to the races.


  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one. Our cat toys are neglected. It’s the random empty box and crumpled paper they crave. Although, sometimes, when we’re not looking … one of them will jump on the counter and try to open the silverware drawer because there’s a ball in there that they love to play with. (It’s not a cat toy.) 😉


  2. Our cats have a box full of toys that they can easily access but their favorite toy is a small, crumbled piece of paper. It’s like a hockey puck skidding across my hardwood floors.
    Oh, Morgan is a beauty. Love the Isadora Duncan image!

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  3. I loved this, how sweet and moving in its brevity. You made me think of all my cats…Inky liked playing with string or a rubber band. Margie, my toes Missy would knock all my jewelry off the nightstand and play hockey.
    As for Morgan, how I love that pirate eye.

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  4. Bits of tinfoil or piece of dog food gets sent all over the hardwood floors. A bottle cap — heaven.

    Gorgeous stuffed mouse? Even a peacock feather? Only the dog wants those.

    Morgan is adorable. Good thing Christmas is coming and possibly more ribbon.


    • Morgan is quite a character. I don’t remember the others being as active or naughty as she is at that age. Bottle caps are great. They sail around the hard wood floors really well. Morgan steals post-its too. She likes to like the sticky part.

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  5. Yep, our cats are just the same, just like toddlers. There is a drinks cooler overflowing with cats toys the children have “insisted” we buy the cats so they know they are loved (seriously, there is doubt?) but no, it’s the bottle tops that go scampering after around the house. Preferably at an hour when we are all sleeping!


    • Morgan will sit with the toy. She won’t stalk it like prey but she’ll give it a bat. Mollie is still a little weird about it. Perhaps she thinks there is something sinister in it. Hazel does not play much anymore but she will smell it (just in case there is a real mouse in there she can eat).

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  6. Scarlet and gray are The Ohio State University’s colors. Maybe Morgan is trying to tell you that she’s ready to go to college. Yes, I’m sure that’s why she likes that ribbon so much. 😉


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