Random 5 (plus 1 for France!) for November 15 – People, massage, vet appointments, Medicare, birds, Starbucks

Photo by Cyril Plapied

Photo by Cyril Plapied

Thoughts for our friends abroad — It’s hard to focus on a humor blog when the world is crashing. I’m having a hard time getting my head around this stuff. How does killing concert goers or diners or other “soft targets” (that’s a new term for me) further a cause? I’ll never get it. My heart goes out to France and all the other countries whose attacks may not get the same news coverage.

A new love – This week I cashed in the last of my 2014 Christmas gifts – a full-body massage (no, not an erotic one, just an old lady sore muscle kind). We have a wonderful person who comes to the home so there is no “getting up, dressed and going home” (sounds like dating doesn’t it?). Afterward you’re so relaxed that you are not sure your limbs are still connected. It was glorious!

Can I sleep through this week? – It’s going to be brutal. I have a two-cat veterinarian appointment at 8 a.m. on Monday. You are wondering what I was thinking aren’t you? At the time I made the appointment catching my one cat was easiest when I fed her breakfast. However, since then she won’t let me near her any time of the day. The damn cat is psychic. I have no idea how I will pull this off.

An apt follow-up – Then to make my week perfect, I have to call Medicare. I have to book a whole day. If I’m lucky they will let me leave a message for call back (then I have to hang around and be available). If I’m not lucky that queue will be full and I’ll have to keep calling back. Sigh!

Cup-gate — As a Starbucks regular the whole cup thing has me laughing. Seriously people, it’s a cup! Does it matter if a company choses to make it plain or put a snowflake on it. I don’t remember snowflakes being in the bible. Ellen DeGeneres has the best snip I’ve seen on it. I tried to embed it here but WordPress and YouTube must have had a falling out. (You know how dating is…) You can check it out here. It’s seriously funny!

On a more positive note – The bird traffic on my feeders has slipped. I finally put on my CSI hat to investigate (I look smashing in it!). I took the feeder apart to find a thick layer of hard goop covering some of the food holes. We had some heavy rains. The seed must have gotten wet and cemented together so the birds couldn’t get at them. All is good now. The smorgasbord is open for business.

So how was your week?

43 thoughts on “Random 5 (plus 1 for France!) for November 15 – People, massage, vet appointments, Medicare, birds, Starbucks

  1. I do hope the veterinary trips went well! You do take such good care of your cats. They ought to be more cooperative and show their gratitude. 🙂 Thank you for the Ellen clip! I loved it. I think the whole “red cup” controversy sounded incredibly lame a week ago, but after this past weekend’s sad events in France, if anyone has the nerve to make a big deal over a red cup and wants to focus on some hidden Starbuck’s agenda to “thwart Christmas,” well, shame on them!

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    • Vet trips went very well except for the fact that they both need teeth work. As I sit here with my Starbucks red cup, I think that whole thing turned out to be an amusing distraction and a testament to how bizarre people are.


  2. What, you waited eleven months to cash in your massage? I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    I suspect there weren’t that many people who were foolish enough to complain about Starbucks’ red cup. Whoever they were, the laughing response buried them.

    Glad the bird feeder’s back in business.


  3. I feel that the only cause it furthers, is the tiny pea sized brains of these young easily influenced, but otherwise radically confused murderers. A full body massage? Lucky girl. Sounds like mouse baiting may have caught up with you. The cats are indeed on to you. Cupgate! Ha, ha, ha!!! I bet that bird feeder becomes a buffet.


  4. An in-home massage? So decadent! Bravo for you! I’ve probably mentioned my cat had a red sticker on her file at the vet that said “will bite.” You can imagine the fun I had getting her in her carrier. I saw the Ellen clip about the Starbuck’s cups. She’s the best! No words about Paris. Eight of us were in NYC this weekend to see a show. The news said they beefed up security at Times Square. I admit I was a tiny bit nervous walking in those crowds.


  5. You can fool a cat once, but rarely twice. I think you need to call in the Marines, and even then it could be tricky. A massage…sigh…was just thinking how nice that would be. And she makes house calls so you can crawl to bed.

    How nice you care so much for the birds. It’s so St. Francis since lore has it, they’d perch on his shoulders as he strolled through Assisi.

    And Paris? I am so troubled, brought Sept.11th right back into play. Watching the faces left me angrier than I’ve been in a while. Who are these people? Satan at his ultimate worse that, not only do they kill others, but their hate, so profound, blows them up in a state of honor.
    Viva Le France…Lafayette, we are here.


  6. Wishing you luck with the trip to the vet. Trapping the cat in a small area first (bathroom, porch) and then bringing in the carrier usually works for us. Unless it doesn’t. 🙂


    • She’s too wily for that. She’ll stay in the large area and run under the king bed if she feels threatened. Then it’s close the door and poke her out with brooms. I’m just as stressed out as she is. I am looking for divine intervention on this one.

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  7. My condolences on having to call Medicare. You know before you even dial the number you need to do your deep breathing exercises, and maybe even take an extra blood pressure pill. Then, even when you are as prepared as possible, we all know what happens next. As soon as you finally get to speak to a live person, the phone goes dead. Wishing you a bearable experience. At the very least, one that actually resolves your issue. Good luck!

    I missed out on the entire HOLIDAY CUP ordeal. Thankfully, I haven’t turned on my TV for over a week, but I had to click over to the Ellen clip to take a peek. She always makes me laugh. Loved the holiday vision glasses. I might need a pair of those. Been chipping away at my Christmas shopping, and that can sometimes make us a little bit cranky. A few dangling snowflakes, and my vision might be restored. At the very least, it will keep me amused. 🙂


    • I’m hoping that there isn’t a blog post in my Medicare call! (Bet you didn’t expect to hear that!) Not much Christmas shopping to do. We don’t exchange in my family and it’s money for my husband’s kids. Just a few do-das for the granddaughters. Don’t miss that whole present thing. Too much stress. Will they like it? Will they use it? Right size? Argh!


  8. One other thing…..I am very grateful for the Starbucks debacle. Afterall, it gives people something else to dwell upon other what is really important in this world! So pathetic!


  9. Very hard to be funny or post light stuff. 😦
    Try getting hold of your ISP, or a pharmacy or a doctor. And the list goes on and on. And the buttons you have to push to get there. I’m always pushing the “Would you repeat” button.


    • My problem never fits the menu. They have eliminated the “press 0 for live person” option because there aren’t any. One of my docs has started using email. Sometimes he reads it and sometimes his PA does. (It’s not for diagnosing but for issues being treated.) Either way it works for me. Wish my primary care doc did that.


  10. LOL over the psychic cat. I look forward to the story of the vet. Should be good.

    I’m having a hard time finishing and posting my fluffy holiday pieces. I know it helps me to laugh at funny posts and animal videos, but at the same time it feels trivial. Like shopping after 9/11.

    The old tradition of days of mourning seems less silly today.


  11. Sounds like next week is going to be busy for you. Good luck with the cats. I am visiting my Montreal daughter and her husband and their three teen aged boys!!! Such activity! Such noise! Such eating! Such FUN!!!


    • Sounds glorious! Teenagers add a layer that younger children don’t. It’s like having a more naïve adult in the group. However, somethings I am the one who is naïve! I always end up learning stuff.


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