Fall secrets

Blooming spring bulbs

Blooming spring bulbs

I have a secret to share. I love summer (no that’s not the secret). After the first frost and the beautiful annual flowers are gone, I don’t have the oomph to do yard work (that’s the secret).

My oomph goes into hibernation much like my frogs and other critter pals. I like to be indoors doing “indoor” things like reading, writing, naps, and praying for spring. Those are my kind of winter sports. Perhaps an occasional sashay into a store like LL Bean (that counts as a winter sport, doesn’t it?) to buy a flannel shirt to make me look outdoorsy.

A winter sport Source: clipartsheep

A winter sport. It should be in the Olympics!
Source: clipartsheep

I have a box of spring bulbs sitting in my garage waiting for a home. These are intended to be planted in September but somehow, even though I walk past them several times a day, I forgot.

Not only did I forget during September, I forgot during our recent unseasonal weather with highs touching near 80 degrees.

Now that the weather is more seasonably cool, I need to do it or I’ll lose them. Part of the problem is it’s not so easy.

I have redone (as in removed) many of my flower beds for easier maintenance. Having a bunch of bulbs with the after-bloom leaves decaying all spring does not make it pretty or easy.

Daylilies? Did you say dinner is ready?

Daylilies? Did you say dinner is ready?

I used to hide them between day lilies. The lily foliage would hide the dying hyacinth leaves.

Those marauding deer came through, eating my lilies so I removed them (the lilies not the deer!).

Now I will join the ranks of squirrels who are hopping around burying their nuts. I will be the big one in the hoodie.

Mine! All mine! Source: deviantart.com

Mine! All mine!
Source: deviantart.com

So…what do you put off until way past the last minute?



44 thoughts on “Fall secrets

  1. Kate … You have an L.L.Bean where you live? I’d be in heaven. I loved it when we had an Eddie Bauer store when we lived in Syracuse.

    I do miss the poppies we had when we lived in Syracuse. They would not survive in Florida. Hope the bulbs bloom and grow in the spring. And those deer keep their mitts off the flowers. 😉


  2. I put off whatever I can for as long as I can except at work…they pay me to be productive.
    I am hoping to get some pansies planted soon..or not. But if I don’t the balcony will look pitiful.


  3. I can hear the wind howling tonight and it reminds me that winter’s on the way and I haven’t done anything outside either. Things need to be cut back and trimmed and yes, tulips should go in. But I forgot all about them too. I don’t hate winter but would prefer to hibernate. I think your instincts are right on Kate. Great shot of that fat little squirrel who is making urgent preparations though.


  4. I’m currently deep-cleaning several rooms in anticipation of a guest arriving this weekend. I was just telling my husband that we really should keep these non-public rooms up on a regular basis so the chore isn’t such a major one. But, I’ll probably continue to put it off until absolutely necessary… it’s just my nature.


    • We vacuum our guest rooms but we only de-cat them (lots of fur) when guests are coming. Last time guests came the same day we put our old cat down. Not a happy day. I did a quick clean. After they left, I washed the sheets and there was a ton of cat hair in the dryer vent. Someone (cat) must have been sleeping there. Next guests I’ll wash the sheets before they get here (maybe……hehe). Hey, if you’re allergic to cats I don’t suggest you stay here!


  5. Our trees provide so much shade that there are no real flower beds. The chore we put off is taking in the porch furniture ~ ugh! Some goes into the garage, some into the basement. It’s a lot of work and once it’s done, there’s no denying that winter is fast approaching.


  6. gardening stops ? not till the ground gets hard or the snow gets on top. or it is too darn muddy. so there are still a few days left to tinker here in northern Ohio. And the flannel shirt will be put to use before and after…

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  7. You’ve reminded me of the bulbs in my garage, Kate. Someone gave them to me a few weeks ago and I had every intention of planting them the next day. Didn’t happen. I’m away this weekend and it’s dark at night and I work during the day. Ugh. Hope that’s my only problem today. 😉


  8. i enjoy this cold weather because I think that it absolves me of all my gardening sins… like not planting spring bulbs… and not buying the rest of the decorative stone for the path… and not having the trees professionally trimmed. I figure now that it’s cold outside I’m supposed to be sleeping more and doing less. Mother Nature says!


    • I swear you are my (evil?) sister! After first frost it’s hard to get me to do anything including shoveling snow. I think our ancestors played card games in caves during the winter surviving on berries and nuts scavenged from the forests with an occasional wooly mammoth cookout party (hopefully served with fermented liquids).

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    • That’s not a bad idea! I didn’t think of that. After I wrote the post yesterday I made myself go out and plant them. It was a blustery 60 degrees which isn’t bad especially when you are working. I just like working outside so much more in the spring when the promise of color and warmth teases.


  9. I’m not a fan of the cold weather either, Kate. I do think the freezing temps make me move faster and get things done. Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve already decorated the house for Christmas. 🙂 I’ve had my autumn decorations up since September 1st, so I was ready.


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