Plain vanilla



There is much to be said for plain vanilla. It’s my favorite ice cream. I like it in cakes and custard too.

When it comes to personalities, plain vanilla is the red-headed stepchild. It’s the wallflower. The one that you wonder if they have a personality.

When it comes to a pet, it’s the one most likely to be overlooked. Everyone wants a loving ball of fur.

I adopted a plain vanilla cat — not by color but personality.

Cowering in the back of a cage not making a sound, not particularly attractive with an oversized body or an undersized head depending on your perspective.

No personality at all. Or maybe a personality that she keeps hidden. Just waiting to go back to the shelter where she could hide in the corner or under something.

I’ve known people like that too. I can think of a few from high school. Perhaps they were late bloomers. I’ll never know.

Some people are plain vanilla under a more colorful exterior. It’s more accepted. A flamboyant exterior but as you peel back the layers, it’s vanilla in all its glory.

We are plain vanilla at one point or another. It could happen after a divorce or the death of a loved one. You just want to be left alone. No need to be funny or entertaining. Or even civil. Especially civil. Stay away please.

There are people who spend an entire life in the plain vanilla valley, loving the simplicity there.

Some creatures evolve. My cat evolved. Sort of. She will never be a friendly lap cat. If you stop by you will never see her. She is too busy counting the fuzz balls under the bed. This is important work that only gets done when we have company. Otherwise she is depositing fur on some piece of furniture in public view.

Left to her own time table she can be friendly. Sort of.

Personally I’m more of a cherry Garcia person myself. Some people are little more nuts. How about you?

How would you describe your personality?


39 thoughts on “Plain vanilla

  1. Chocolate and vanilla. I can be happy being a loner but than I need to get out from under the bed and check out the world. My cat does not like to come into the house and hides in the backyard when we have visitors. But we love her. She’s mostly vanilla though she is solid black. Have a good weekend!


    • Only one of our cats is allowed out and he’s kind of old so he’s under the bed these days too. I do have one cat that would definitely be tutti fruitti! She will come out to greet visitors.


  2. Love this….
    Personally I’m more of a cherry Garcia person myself. Some people are little more nuts. How about you? I’m rather vanilla, in a Prada coat. I totally understand your cat…I’d be right under the furniture with her..just looking for different things.


  3. I’m a Gemini which means one day I am Vanilla and the other whatever I choose 🙂 I loved a flavor called “Tiger Tiger” as a kid – it was orange ice cream with ribbons of black licorice. My mouth waters just thinking of it. 🙂



  4. I think vanilla gets a bad rap… there is no such thing as “plain” vanilla… vanilla is very nuanced… sometimes you just have to dig a little more for it than say, raspberry, which is up front and obvious (how gauche!)… I love vanilla ice cream but I confess, for a touch of excitement there is nothing as wonderful as Vanilla Bean (especially Haagen Dazs)…


  5. My favorite ice cream flavor is Spumoni [chocolate, cherry vanilla and pistachio]. This makes me eclectic no doubt. But it also suggests that I’m a bit of a wanderer [it’s originally from Italy after all] and someone with a respect for the past [it was the most popular flavor around 1900].

    Or maybe it just makes me weird. There’s always that possibility. 😉


    • I good with all of those except caramel. My Mom was a big caramel ice cream lover but for me it’s a bit too sweet. Love butter pecan. Have it in my freezer now. Of course there isn’t a nut (well…maybe Brazilian nuts) that I don’t like.


  6. I would call myself a chameleon especially this past year moving from city house to farm house. Each week I bounce among worlds. Small town to university life to city life to 5th grade.
    Flew up yesterday to help out other daughter to help her and son-in-law from missing more days of work due to grandson’s nagging flu. Oh yeah…I’m a jet setting plain ole grandma.

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  7. Hmmm, I would like to think that I am not plain vanilla. I think my personality is quite a blend of so many flavors that I would guess confetti ice cream (ah but yes that does have a vanilla base) would be my bag. And, I am not much of an ice cream lover (any flavor), but when it comes to cake I am right in there with all the vanilla lovers. Yup, cake, potatoes, bread…all those white things that are so not good for me! I wonder if others see me as complicated, as I see myself???

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  8. Well Kate, your asking me to be perfectly Frank, when in reality I think I’m a flawed Paul. Come to think of it, I doubt Frank would be all that perfect either. In fact I have it on good authority this Frank fellow is a lot like me. Likely a rainbow sherbert under a sweet chocolate cover.

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