R5 for February 1 – Spelling, ads, snowstorm, cats


Source: Clipartpanda

Source: Clipartpanda

Writer’s plight – Do you ever get stuck in the middle of a comment and you don’t know how to spell a word? Two weeks ago I wanted to use the word “reminisce” in a comment. Spellcheck wasn’t fixing it and I was in a hurry so I didn’t look it up. I used an inferior word. I wanted to use it this week again but I took the time to check it out. Isn’t it odd how you KNOW how to spell something and then all of sudden it doesn’t look right?

Damn targeting ads – I got so sucked in this week. There was post on Facebook that said Sally Fields married Burt Reynolds. Like recently! Normally I don’t care about this stuff but I really like Sally. She’s my age and I admire her resilience (I knew how to spell that!). Dumb me, I clicked on it. No story about Sally at all. It was an ad for Dr. Oz’s face cream. It didn’t even say if Sally used it. How did they know that Sally would get me to click?

Depends on your view – What was hyped as a major snowstorm missed us this week. It missed a lot of us and even those it didn’t miss didn’t get what was predicted. I was doing the snoopy dance. Our forecasters were “boo hoo-ing” with one commenting that these are the events they live for. Nope, didn’t feel sorry for them one bit. If you want bad weather, work farther north.

On the left is a "paid for" toy that was pawed once. On the right is that once was a pack of post-it tags.

On the left is a “paid for” toy that was pawed once. On the right is a destroyed  pack of post-it tags.

I’ve said it before – My cats do not play with toys I buy. Morgan’s toy “du jour” is a post-it pack. She completely destroyed one pack of post-it tags this week. They are a lot cheaper than cat toys.

Message from Morgan – Cats have their own way of making a point. Sometimes it’s downright trashy. Here is a photo of Hazel sitting on Morgan’s ottoman and Morgan’s reaction to it. Sometimes I wish I could make as poignant a point.

What can I say?

What can I say?

And how was your week?


41 thoughts on “R5 for February 1 – Spelling, ads, snowstorm, cats

  1. I got caught with the Sally/Burt thing too as it seemed too incredulous… well, if it walks like a duck…. in defense of Dr. Oz, I do watch his show from time to time and have gleaned a lot of knowledge from it…. those ads are not for his products… as he now states at the end of each show, people use his name all the time to sell their products. He may say on his show that peas are good for you and next thing you know all the pea companies are quoting him in their ads! Being famous must be annoying….


  2. I’ve been caught by Dr. Oz a time or two also. He’s very tricky.

    My daughter in Indianapolis was supposed to have more snow than materialized. Good thing! The pipe leading from their well to their house burst.


  3. I have had a crush on Sally for as long as I can remember. With my luck I would have clicked and got stuck on the page. In fact I would probably still be there. As for forecasters they get paid well to be wrong as often as they are, and still get to keep their jobs. And as for Morgan, he is so human. My dad used to get so upset that his children would play with objects other than the toys he’d buy us. Looking to see if I possibly have a tail.


  4. What I hate is when I go over my posting twice, three times, four times, etc., followed by viewing it as published one more time before I make it final. I find errors and correct them. And then repeat that process several times more. Only after I find no more errors do I publish it as final. And then… the next day, after many people have read it (well, for my blog-count anyway), do I find a HUGE, UGLY misspelling or grammatical error that embarrasses me to no end. Argh.

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  5. Spell-check has totally screwed up my spelling. As did living overseas where I wrote in a mixture of American and English English and French. I can barely spell my own name these days! But spell check invariably corrects the wrong words for me. Or it doesn’t spell check. (First World Prob)

    Duncan loves toys. So much so that I’m considering renting him out as a toy durability tester. He can destroy a toy faster than I can get the tags off the thing!

    Hope you have a good week, Kate!


  6. Don’t have a problem spelling the words (except germane, I always add an i), but I do have a problem even thinking of them.

    Thanks for your help with formatting posts. Can’t believe I never investigated that feature.

    Now, one more stupid question: In your post titles, what does R5 mean?

    I like Sally, too.


  7. All. The. Time.. on the word spelling. And then I sidestep the whole deal like you said and use another word that isn’t as wonderful! I always keep a tab open on my laptop to do my own spell check. Laughing over the destroyed post-it notes.. 😀 Way to go Morgan on making your feelings known! I made 4 mistakes doing this comment… bah! Good Morning Kate!


  8. I like Sally Fields, too, and understand the temptation to learn more. There’s quite a few ads that show a celebrity with tears streaming down her face and the ad proclaims that she was caught lying (they’ve featured at least 3 that I recall). I’m curious what it’s about, but know it’s “click bait” and I refuse to be sucked in.

    On our faulty memories. This morning I was doing a crossword puzzle in “People” magazine. The clue was “National Lampoon’s Vacation” star. I know this star, but just couldn’t think of his name until an intersecting word provided a “v.” Then it hit me – Chevy Chase.

    I think Morgan got her point across. 😉


    • When I started FB for months there was this “ad” about Ellen’s big lie. Never clicked on it. Feel sorry for the people whose picture gets used for this stuff. Morgan always gets her point across…one way or the other. When I clicked the picture she was smiling in the camera but it takes a few seconds to shoot and that’s what I got.


  9. I love Morgan…he’s a true cat…aloof…sly…when Hazel least expects it…WHAM

    I too put my sleigh back in storage happily. I actually wore little black flats yesterday since the snow pretty much cleared..of course more in en route…damn that Mother Nature…she needs to get laid…or at least go shop.

    And for the record, Hemingway, F.Scott Fitzgerald nor myself can spell.

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    • I laughed at your comment. I get tired of wearing the same clothes especially the heavy winter ones so today I have one my heavier 3/4 length sleeved tees on. After lunch I will have a hoodie on over it for sure! I haven’t been without socks for 3 months now. Sigh. Yes, Mother Nature needs something. Cold weather coming. BTW Morgan is a girl which makes the pictures so much more….ummm…..unladylike but you gotta love her spunk!


  10. I did it too! I clicked on the darn Sally Field thing. Felt kind of silly for falling for that. There’s a similar one, I think, for Diane Sawyer. We just got 9 inches of wet, heavy snow in Iowa so it’s a great day to hope the electricity stays on for heat and maybe the Super Bowl.Wind has started to howl from the north.

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    • I didn’t see the one for Diane Sawyer but I don’t click on those things (honest, Sally was a fluke!). We are getting your snow overnight. The forecasters who screwed up royally last week are hedging their bets with forecasts all over the place. The snow-rain line is close to us. Depending on who you watch we are either getting snow or freezing rain. I could do with some sun. The wind has been around for a few days. It’s amazing how the sound of it makes me cold.


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