Super Bowl Pig-out!



I’m not that much of a football fan. It’s been years since I’ve attended or hosted a super bowl party.

It’s better to be at home where I can start reading a book if the game gets….ummmm….boring. Like tons of other people, for me it’s all about the commercials. Of course I did watch parts of the Puppy and Kitten Bowl.

This year I got sucked into the food part of it all. That doesn’t usually happen.

It all started with “let’s get a pizza” for the game. We eat pizza. We like it but I thought we should have some of the naughty nibblies we don’t normally eat…like ring baloney and cheese. That would be our hors-d’oeuvres.

We are still in safe territory here. Menu not yet blown.

The best ring baloney comes from a farmers’ market where it’s made by locals. Going to the farmers’ market without the beloved husband is never a good thing. I have no control (and that’s putting it mildly).

His style of getting in and out serves me better than of my style of lingering at each stand fondling fruit and other unmentionables. I buy less with him in tow, much less.

Usually it’s the produce I am swooning over but not this time.

On the way to the smoked meats stand I passed the Polish stand. There were some homemade pierogis. Couldn’t pass it by. Bought a dozen.

Now you can’t do pizza with pierogis. It’s not balanced. Instead of going for a nice green salad, I was walking by the butcher stand when a big hook drew me in (figuratively, not literally).

Beautiful baby back ribs on display! Had to get them. That would work with pierogis and ring baloney. Oh yes!

Thoughts of pizza were gone. (The salad idea really was a figment of my imagination anyway. It was the Super Bowl!)

And that’s how it was. Beer and margaritas with ribs and pierogis. Ring baloney and cheese for starters. (Burp!) How good was that?

Do you use an event as an excuse to go off the deep end? Or maybe food gives us non-sports folks a reason to look forward to the day.




22 thoughts on “Super Bowl Pig-out!

  1. The bologna and cheese don’t tempt me. But yumm! I haven’t had baby back ribs or pierogi in a very long time.

    I don’t watch football either. But since I’m from the Seattle area, this time I watched every minute of the game. Food was an also ran. We had gluten-free pizza, salad, meatballs, and beer. Quite tasty, but not a pig out.


  2. This year I ignored the Super Bowl. First time I ever did that, and I love football. Unfortunately, I didn’t ignore the food. I’m gonna have to address that soon, or I’m likely to be confused with a grounded “Goodyear Blimp.”


  3. To make dieting/healthy lifestyle successful, best to not ban everything all the time. Moderation. It’s only one day! Eat! Enjoy! It will be easier to avoid that stuff later once indulged.
    (and your shopping sounds just like me…husband along seems to make it speedy and list oriented…what fun it that around holidays and events, I ask.)

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    • Indeed! There are sometimes that I do retail therapy at a good grocery store. I can be happy fondling fruit. It also gives me time to find new products. I tried Cara Cara navels last week and they were fabulous! Sweet and juicy!

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