Insanity is living with cats | For animal lovers

This isn't as big as it looks here.

This isn’t as big as it looks here.

Doing the same over and over again and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity. So said Einstein.


That is a hard lesson to learn especially for pet lovers.

Every couple of years I relearn this same lesson. A refresher was on the calendar for this year.


One thing I know about cats is that they prefer free stuff. In fact, if you buy them something, they won’t touch it. I get free catnip mice from my vet for each visit. They love them! If I buy the same mouse they won’t look at it.


They don’t do plastic balls with bells inside either. Lasers are very short lived. I did have some success with a very cheap scratching box but they don’t know I bought it. It’s so cheap looking. It looks like a box from the grocery store. Shhh! 


The beloved husband said he would build a cat tree if I would design it. Sounds easy. You go on-line and find plans. Not a problem.


Well, yes there is. I didn’t know what size or height would work best. I have a cat that weighs in at 18 pounds so it has to be sturdy and rather large.


Hazel: Did you really tell people how much I weigh? I should tell people how old you really are!

Hazel: Did you really tell people how much I weigh? I should tell people how old you really are!

I saw a very inexpensive one at a store locally. I bought it to test the size. I can either keep it or make a design based on the shortcomings.


The beloved husband put the cat tower together yesterday morning. As of this morning, no one seems very interested.


I thought for sure Morgan would investigate. She’s the youngest one who plays with everything including leaves that came in the house on someone’s shoe. Nope, not interested!


Morgan: Can I have my own office chair instead of a cat tower? You could put some catnip on it!

Morgan: Can I have my own office chair instead of a cat tower? Maybe with an iPad? You could put some catnip on it!

There are three levels, one with a circle. Two toys hang and bounce to entice. I put a little catnip on it. Now it smells good too.


Sniff. Sniff. Nada. Zilch. Nay. Nix. Nein. Nothing doing!


The top shelf is too small for any of my cats and the round part is small too. I thought one of them would jump on the first shelf to check it out. Ha!


I can guarantee if we would have made one out of cardboard boxes, they would be all over it (and it might last a day). Morgan would love a tent made out of my best sweater (not gonna happen).


Mollie: I have a nice soft bed. Do I really need a cat tower?

Mollie: I have a nice soft bed. Do I really need a cat tower? I could use a skylight in my bedroom though.

In a day or two, if there is no interest, I will pack it up and take it back.

However, there is a dilemma. I know this one is too small but I don’t know if they will lounge on a larger one and it seems like a lot of work if it’s not used.


I need help here! Calling all cat lovers out there. Does anyone have a cat that uses a cat tower? What should I be looking for?

Jake: Listen Cupcake, I’m not climbing nothing! How about some catnip sweetie?




45 thoughts on “Insanity is living with cats | For animal lovers

  1. Makes me think of my friend who bought scratching posts to stop her kitty from tearing up the drapes! In the end he liked the cat scratcher AND clawing at the drapes. I do think it takes time. They obviously know it would please you if they liked the tower, so it’s not going to happen when you’re around. They probably play with it when you’re out!


    • Tower is going back today. We have decided to rethink this later in the summer. They have the screened porch for the summer which gives them different heights and places to sleep and watch. I wanted it for the winter when they are really stuck inside the house without perches for watching.


  2. I always tell Oregano that we are the only creatures in the house that are trained. I’m convinced that Linus and Sam watch us and decide that if we sit on it, it’s good enough for them. They want no part of cat furniture.


    • Cats are funny. They either like stuff or they don’t. So many bloggers said their cats like towers but there are others whose cats won’t look at them twice. Maybe it depends on the opportunities for climbing in the house (or the personality of the cat).


  3. I think some cats love heights; others could care less. One of my daughter’s cats (the cat who prefers to look down on the world) loves his tower. It’s very tall, almost as tall as I am. Her other can prefers to sit on laps. Do your cats like high fences and the top of the fridge?


    • Part of it is age too. Jake used to climb but at 16 he doesn’t climb any higher than the bed. Mollie used to climb but she doesn’t either at 9. Hazel is too tubby to climb. Morgan climbs everywhere so adding a tower may not excite her. Right now she is playing with the big bag it came in. Thank God no one goes on the top of the fridge!


  4. Teddy likes his tower. But not at first. Took him about three days to climb it. It is in front of the balcony door…doesn’t do much for the living room decor but who cares. Teddy climbs and sleeps on it and watches the birds …has two platforms besides the base. But he still prefers to do his manicures on the ottoman.


    • Still no excitement here but I may give it a shot anyway. During the winter months when they can’t go into the screened porch, they may appreciate it more. (and I haven’t found one that adds to the décor!)


  5. My cats just climb up on anything that’s already there, fitting in with your excellent theory about cat toys. Therefore, I wouldn’t buy any kind of cat tree because I assume they would inspect it with polite interest and then get back up on the fireplace mantle and the refrigerator.


  6. I love these captions, Kate…especially under Hazel’s photo. She doesn’t look pleased that her weight has been made public…can’t blame her. 🙂
    When I had a cat, she would only play with highlighters, always when I was trying to study.


    • Part of the problem right now may be that we have the windows open and the door to the screened porch so they have a lot of great windowsills and outdoor furniture to lie on. Day 2 isn’t doing any better than Day 1.


  7. Give up, Kate. Just use an old card board boxes and stack them up. That’s what I have. Even on top of a cabinet, there’s a small box and the cat jumps all the way just to be on top of the box. So there…


  8. I love the captions…Hazel cracked me up…I think it’s so sweet your husband is willing to build them their own jungle gym…that’s love in a tool box.

    When are you going to compile your kitty tales for an eBook. They are very sweet and make everyone smile. You could think about it. Might even make me invest in a Kindle 🙂


  9. Loved all the kitty quotes, especially Hazel’s! HA HA!

    I say skip the purchases and bring home some boxes in various sizes, line ’em up and see what happens. Works with kids 🙂



    • The boxes would only work for Mollie and Morgan. The other two weigh more and it wouldn’t be sturdy although maybe I could try on a small scale with liquor boxes. (Don’t worry, I can get from the store with out all the liquor!)


  10. My dad actually made one for Karen several years ago. It’s pretty big and her cats seem to like it. At least they did when she was in the apartment. I’m not sure if they use it at the house with more space to roam now. I just have a small one by the window that Abby uses (the other cat could care less). They always have to be in the same room with me and there’s not enough space in my living room for a big one. Maybe if I ever finish the basement.


  11. Armarkat Cat Tree
    Item: 36-5180880
    This is the one I bought for her cats (it is 62 inches high and sturdy.(on the petsmart site)


  12. Tall, yes. Mine is five feet tall, with rimmed ‘boxes’ for shelves. It sits right behind my reading chair, so my cat can look over my shoulder when she’s nosy. Have a long run on the supporting post, because they love to stand and stretch when they claw at it…like a tree. Good luck!


  13. Our cats love cat trees. We have five of them and they get ripped to shreds but that’s the point! We put them all next to windows and they become viewing platforms for checking out birds and other adventures outside. Next to open windows is very nice this time of year. Put them in sunny spots in front of windows and you’re good to go (usually). Larger cats may not use the cat trees for sunning…may be too heavy to jump up. But all of ours use them for scratching.


  14. Our cats actually do play with toys, and they love the various cat trees. They like the tree that has little “condos” on different levels, boxes enclosed on three sides that they can scooch into and look out. Even our large and lovely Helen wedges herself in from time to time. They also like the top shelf because it has a nice backyard view and gives them access to the top of a bookcase…


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