Random five for the end of May

Seriously? I should pay full price for these?

Seriously? I should pay full price for these?

From the bins of the homeless! — I needed another pair or two of jean capris. I wanted the same ones I bought last year but they were resized. I had to venture into unchartered territory.

Is it just me or do the high-end (unfortunately those fit me best) jeans look like they were ripped off of the homeless? I don’t mind some fading (or whiskering as they call it) to make them comfortable but I prefer to put my own holes in them. I swear they charge extra for holes. I would be too embarrassed to donate these as they are.

They talk funny there. —  The beloved husband’s niece came down last weekend with her 14-year-old son. We were a stop-off point on their way to soccer championships.

I had never spent time with this young man. He was tall, thin, blonde and delightful. At first I thought he had a speech impediment because…well…he talked funny. He reminded me of someone but I couldn’t figure out who. After they left I realized they sounded like the Kennedy’s! It was his Boston accent that was throwing me off.

Free shipping! Really? —  I got snookered again. I buy on-line because of the convenience. However, I hate to pay shipping.

Some stores (like LL Bean) are always free shipping but most have a minimum. I got a special deal (yes, I should know better) for $10 off a specific merchandiser.

That would pay for the shipping. I read through the email and I didn’t see a minimum until I finalized the transaction. My “special deal” wasn’t deducted from the total on the confirmation (like it said it would be) but I did see the notice that stated a minimum. I was under it by $9! The only thing that saved me from going over the edge was that the shipping was free anyway.

No more dancing on the bar! — It was girls’ night this week and a group of us went out for dinner and catching up. You know your group is getting old when most of them get water for dinner. Yes, just water! We had fun anyway.

Pre-cut jitters — Some of you routinely go to a hair stylist and get the same cut. Easy peasy and you always look good. I envy you. I like change or at least the concept of change. Or maybe it’s the fantasy of change in my head.

I am trying to do something different. I let my hair grow for a couple of months and next week is my appointment. I want something fresh looking. Oh yes, it has to be easy too. I always end up looking the same no matter what cut I get.

That won’t stop me from taking in pictures of women half my age with different hair textures to drive my stylist crazy. Perhaps it’s not the hair that I want to look different but what’s under it!

How was your week?

38 thoughts on “Random five for the end of May

  1. I can relate to the pre-cut jitters, I bring pictures of hairstyles I find cute only to be told that it really wouldn’t flatter my face or it would make me look like a boy. I have trust issues with hair dressers as I feel sometimes they will do what they feel is a better cut rather than the one you want.
    And I have fallen into the if you buy such and such dollar amount then shipping is free mote than once. It is a crazy cycle.


    • It always takes a while until a stylist understands (?) your hair. I have some sections that grow noticeably faster and it’s hard to get them to nip them shorter so I just do it myself.


  2. J Crew calls them distressed jeans and they start at 115 bucks. I have a pair that are legitimately holy from wear and tear….love the Kennedy line…heard the voice right away. You’re very funny.


  3. I have ‘big hair envy.’ The styles I usually brought to a stylist were ones that I was told would not work with my hair. The stylist who cuts my hair now, a fellow teacher, has been able to work with my fine, gray hair. Or, maybe, I’m just being less fussy.

    About those jeans … yes, it is outrageous that they want to charge more for something that you wouldn’t hand off to Goodwill. 😉


  4. I think it was on your blog that found out Coldwater Creek was closing. Such a shame! And yet I did stop by and get two pair of crops at 40% off. No holes or faded spots.

    Now that I’ve stopped getting perms, my hair is looking more and more the way it did when I was a kid. I notice that old school friends haven’t changed their hairstyles much either.


    • That’s true about the hair. I don’t change the part and I have haven’t changed the color in decades. It no longer gets really long so it stays about the same length. It’s really hard to look different, isn’t it?


  5. I have straight, fine hair. I go to my stylist asking for a cut that would work better on hair that is thicker and wavier. She tells me that what she has in her hand is a comb, not a magic wand. I need to find a stylist with a magic wand, but until then, I’ll keep mine… she makes me laugh.


  6. My week has gone very well, thank you, and we hope to have the Son visit this weekend. I won’t buy those depression jeans and I don’t look good in capris – I am 5’2″ and I think they make me look even shorter. Good luck on the haircut – I need one too – but in the summer I tend to let it grow and just pull it back most of the time as we have wind and humidity here on the coast for summer. Cheers!


  7. I get water most of the time when I go out for supper. I blame part of that on the potential for fetus, but most of it is that I am old at heart.
    I totally get the hair cut angst. I have been growing mine out since February and it is starting to get bigger instead of longer. I always say I want something different, but leading up to the actual cut, I often worry and pick styles that won’t really work with my hair, then end up with something generally similar to what I had before.


  8. Oh, the haircut. It is just about this time every year when I vow to chop off this curly frizzy mop of mine and then can’t bear to do it. Yesterday’s rain drove my hair to its maximum width, measured in Bozos. I was at least 4 Bozos yesterday. Sigh.


  9. I’m glad that people pay a premium for jeans with holes . . . because now all the beat up stuff in my closet is en vogue.

    My days of bellying up to the bar for shots of tequila are over. I almost always order water when we are out.

    Hope you like your new haircut ~ I always end up looking the same too. Except when I get a really bad cut and look worse than normal.


  10. I absolutely detest those ‘shredded’ jeans…why anyone buys them is beyond me! As for my week, it went well…and I have ‘trimmed’ hair…happy me. Whew! I love my stylist…she’s a good friend and also a wonderful stylist. Okay, I know my picture doesn’t look like it…but that was when we lived in China and I have no styling for 2-1/2 years…au natural, so to say! Loved this week ’cause we had some great rains…so needed, so welcomed.
    Glad you’re feeling better…keep it up. Thinking of you!


  11. Keep on driving your stylist crazy. It’s all part of the fun in trying to achieve a new fresh look. 🙂 And if you can actually wear those skin tight jeans (with or without the holes), you are a true beauty! 🙂


  12. I wouldn’t buy jeans/capris that look ratty. I can make that happen on my own!

    I had a college roommate who was from Boston. The accent takes some getting used to, but I suppose she thought the same thing about my midwestern one.

    I’ve been letting my curly mess of hair grow out, too. Some days, so cute. Other days, what was I thinking? Good luck with your new style.


  13. I refuse to pay top dollar for something with holes in it and I was born in West Virginia! 🙂
    Good luck with the haircut. I’m sure you’ll look cute no matter what the style is. I hope you’re feeling okay.
    Enjoy your weekend!


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