The hills are alive…..


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Both sets of grandparents immigrated to the US. I thought from Germany but now I think it was from Austria. We’re not sure. There are no family records and anyone who knows for sure is long gone. We have fragments … Continue reading

Random 5 for November 22 – France, Starbucks, homeless, gifts, restaurants


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Let’s make this a feel good day! Viva la France! – Kudos to French President Hollande who has vowed to continue to help refugees despite recent events. We cannot let fear compromise our basic ethics. Pay it forward or maybe … Continue reading

A tribute to grandmothers everywhere


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This post is to commemorate my maternal grandmother. I have no real memory of her. She died when I was three. My mother would tell me that I would run to her and put my arms upward, which meant “pick … Continue reading