The hills are alive…..

Both sets of grandparents immigrated to the US. I thought from Germany but now I think it was from Austria. We’re not sure. There are no family records and anyone who knows for sure is long gone. We have fragments of stories that vary.

One story involves a beer baron mysteriously impregnating a great-grandmother. (There is nothing mysterious about the act itself. We all know how it works.) Could Baron Heineken have grabbed a heiny that belonged to an ancestor?

There is the story about a grandfather being a troubadour in Germany. He would come down with his squeezebox and play the festivals all summer. Music talent?

We are mostly fair (as in lily white) to medium (a deeper lily white) in skin tone with blonde, red and brunette hair color. I have a cousin with natural platinum blonde hair. Perhaps a Norse warrior in there too? Those conquerors got around. Big time!

I’ve always had a natural curiosity about my ancestors. All of them. There was so much invading and pillaging going on that I could be anything. When I mentioned Genghis Khan as an ancestor, my brother wasn’t having it. I wasn’t thwarted though. There are enough other invaders who could have “corrupted” the gene pool. The Celtics, Romans, Huns, Goths, Franks and Magyars just to name a few.

I have an interest in getting a DNA test. There is no valid reason other than curiosity. It’s a start. After that I can start shaking the family tree and see what monkeys fall out.

With this in mind, I researched the tests. There is one that will tell me how much Neanderthal I have. Not sure I need that. I am very good at telling people they are Neanderthals. I can spot it a mile away! Knuckles dragging on the ground. Weird thought process. No test required.

Other tests give you medical data. Not sure I need that either. I’m past the age where it matters. Gotta die of something!

It’s the ethnicity I’m curious about. Austria is in the Alps and land locked. Could I really come from there? I’m a beach person and hills tire me out.

It’s beautiful. Looks a lot like the “Sound of Music” movie with the beautiful rolling fields full of lush greenery that they skip through to freedom. (Yes, I hummed the tunes while researching. It’s in my DNA! I’m not apologizing.)

And there are Viennese pastries too!

So far my fantasies involve being an heiress to a beer dynasty or singing in a rock band. I just have to keep my knuckles off the ground!


45 thoughts on “The hills are alive…..

  1. Dear Kate Von Trapp…I can see you on that same mountain swirling and twirling just like Maria. As far as those tests go…I’m a bit of a mutt and know too much already, however…you could be a member of royal blood…the cats would surely love that, don’t you think? 🙂

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  2. I’ve spent many hours and hundreds of hours tracking my family on . You may be surprised by how much you can discover if you start looking! Most recently I discovered that I’ve driven past my great grandmothers house several times when I’ve visited London. She’s been gone for decades, but the house is still there.

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    • Wow! That is cool. The house (in America) that my grandmother lived in is across the street from my niece’s home. It’s out of the family now but was for sale a couple years ago. I was able to go on-line and look at the pictures to see what upgrades they made. Looked really nice.


  3. I would have mine tested, but afraid it might come back part dog, wolf maybe. Seriously though, I would love to research my line. Unfortunately there seems to be a heavy amount of procrastination in my lineage.

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    • My real fantasy ancestors include kindly farmers with my grandmother wearing an apron over her floral dress with sturdy black tie shoes baking cookies for her favorite granddaughter!


  4. We have enjoyed Ancestry for both the DNA testing and research. The online data now available and the way linkages are suggested with other people possibly researching a distant family line has been rewarding. We’ve connected to family members who are very distant cousins but they help fill in information. Don’t start unless you are sure…it’s addicting!

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  5. Sounds like you are red for’s DNA test Kate!!
    My family has come from the same 20 mile radius in Scotland dating back to the 1700’s. There is no wondering … and that feels good!

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  6. Definitely do not apologize! I have a sister who took a DNA test last year, and wants me to do the same. Her report showed some lines into northern Africa, which we both found fascinating. I’m waiting for her to do all the work in showing me how to get it done, and then I’ll follow suit. 🙂 – Marty

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  7. I did the Ancestry DNA test. Cost was about 80ish $$$. I am so pleased I did. Not only did it prove that I am part (ok a small part) Italian, but I have learned about cousins all over the world! How fascinating, my own mystery, my own story, unfolding. I still need to follow through with the genealogy part of this. Make my own tree, etc. and I have been lazy and not done it yet, but doing the test was my start.

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