Christmas ruminations from a curmudgeon


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The holiday is over but lingering good will is floating around. At least for a while. Christmas isn’t my favorite holiday. It was when I was a kid. Two weeks off from school and presents. Throw in a snowstorm and … Continue reading

Short thoughts on communication


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“Curmudgeons are mockers and debunkers. They can’t compromise their standards and can’t manage the suspension of disbelief necessary for feigned cheerfulness. Their awareness is a curse.” There is a part of me that’s a real curmudgeon. Maybe it’s from living too … Continue reading

They are at it again – The continuing saga of stupid people


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  Long-time readers know I get irate am fascinated with stupid people. They darken brighten my day (and give me fodder for my blog). The definition of a stupid person is someone who doesn’t do what I would do (or … Continue reading