They are at it again – The continuing saga of stupid people


Courtesy of dobrador

Courtesy of dobrador

Long-time readers know I get irate am fascinated with stupid people. They darken brighten my day (and give me fodder for my blog).

The definition of a stupid person is someone who doesn’t do what I would do (or anything remotely similar) in the same situation. It usually revolves around driving, drive-through windows or shopping excursions. Those activities bring out the worst stupid in people.

This week has expanded this list. Anyone living in the snow belt is now bombarded with potholes. Some of these holes do indeed go all the way to China! I know because I saw some people wearing those old Chinese tunics. No fashion conscious person in their right mind would wear one now.

The crews have started repairing the potholes so in addition to snow banks and potholes; we have road construction going on. Add that to deli order lines (which require the ordering person to call someone on a cell phone while ordering to verify the appropriate lunch meat brand) and drive-through windows. It’s amazing I haven’t killed anyone. Yet.

Courtesy of Huffington Post

Courtesy of Huffington Post

It started early in the week as I was attempting to get my morning coffee. The lady ahead of me in the drive-through didn’t understand the concept of moving up to the next car so that I could get to the order thingy. She waited until all cars up to the window cleared out.

She was probably my age although she looked (and acted) much older. I would have quickly scurried forward to allow for the car behind me to order. You need to get your order in before some walk-in customer orders 12 fancy coffees to go. Yes, that happens.

Maybe she thought she was being polite but there is no place for this kind of politeness in a drive-through. Real politeness would have had her buying my coffee but that would have changed this post.

It only went downhill from there. People were racing around snow banks that reached to the sky. They seemed surprised to round the bank and see another car — that would be me. Screech! Brakes! (Then they look like it’s my fault!) Seriously?

Imagine that. Someone else was in the parking lot of a large grocery store. They thought it was their private place. Oops!

Courtesy of kulfoto

Courtesy of kulfoto

Today was the ultimate of stupidity. There is construction on a well-traveled road. I was at a light on a crossroad when two big old 18-wheelers entered and blocked the intersection so the side street cars couldn’t move during their very short green light. I wished them ‘crotch itch’ while they were in their trucks. (This is the most violent I have gotten so far.)

The best news is that this weekend is going to be a preview of spring here. Perhaps the snow banks will melt to a shorter level. People will be nicer and kinder. They always are when the season changes — at least for a little while.

Maybe even me (but don’t bet on it!).

21 thoughts on “They are at it again – The continuing saga of stupid people

  1. I would add to the list the people who stand in front of the refridgerator/freezer doors in the stores or gas stations staring and they won’t move so I or anyone else can get in.


  2. I feel you pain. I was at the gym the other night and it has gotten busy since the last time we were there! The place was packed! You had to wait for every machine, which was irritating in and of itself. Then I saw a young woman sitting on a machine, looking at her smart phone. She sat there for five minutes checking her messages and when she was done, she finally did another round on the machine. Really??? You didn’t notice the place wass packed? You think that machine is yours forever or for however long you want to sit there checking your email on your phone???? I wanted to say something but I just couldn’t. I would have been too snarky.


    • That is really stupid! Of course if you would have said something she would have told you that her child was very sick and she was just checking on them. Somehow they always seem to have life or death explanations.


  3. I’m smiling at the ‘stupid people’; we lived near one of our little grandson’s and he had a liking for the word ‘stupid’. However…his mother disliked it and he was forbidden to use it. When he and I were together he’d almost slip and use it but he and I would just laugh and roll our eyes at each other. These days, he’s eighteen, and more than frequently throws in his opinions about ‘stupid people’…of which there are more than plenty. They’re in every walk of life; especially on hot topics…politically speaking! At times, I’m among ’em.


  4. I confess to feeling a certain GLEE when seeing the title of this post in my reader. Here’s to Stupid People and their ability to add fodder to Kate’s blog.


  5. You know I’ve been thinking quite a bit about stupid people this week, too. My thoughts have nothing to do with bad drivers and more to do with politically obtuse individuals who wouldn’t know a logical argument if it bit them on the butt. Who, probably now that I think about them, drive badly too.


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