Random 5 for April 7 – Internet ads, unusual people, more unusual people, other people, spring


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  Nothing is free – I tried to get a coupon off of the internet for a product I needed to buy. I knew there was one available as it was in last Sunday’s newspaper ad. Unfortunately  I had put … Continue reading

What day is it; where am I supposed to be; and do I have a coupon?


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Do you worry about memory loss? Can’t remember where your car key or fob is? (Or even your car? Yes, did that too.) Tools walk away when you are working on a project? “They say” it’s normal to a certain … Continue reading

Random 5 for August 30 – Bumper stickers, forgetfulness, cool nights, books, cats


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Another blonde moment? – I had lunch with a friend this week. It was a nice lunch and we had a great time. To make it even better I had a $5 off coupon. When the bill came I realized … Continue reading