Random 5 for August 30 – Bumper stickers, forgetfulness, cool nights, books, cats

blonde jokesAnother blonde moment? – I had lunch with a friend this week. It was a nice lunch and we had a great time. To make it even better I had a $5 off coupon. When the bill came I realized that the coupon was resting on my kitchen counter at home. Later in the week, we had dinner at a restaurant where I am part of a points program. Forgot to use the card. I don’t know why I bother cutting coupons or signing up. Sigh!

??? – I was in back of “pumpkyn” in the drive-through line at Starbucks. (Her license plate told me so.) She had a bumper sticker I’ve never seen before. It said, “I make milk. What are your superpowers?” I assume she is a lactating mom.

Good sleeping – Even though we are having warm days, there is a touch of fall in the air. Our nighttime temperatures have been dipping into the 50s. Good sleeping weather.

Hobbit house

Source: wisegeek

Young adult reading – The granddaughters are coming in a few weeks. I like to have a few surprises for them. I was looking into books this year. The most popular reading for kids are books that are “supernatural.” (Not sure if that’s the right category.) Kind of like Harry Potter. Whatever happened to Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew? Times change. Fortunately tiaras remain the same!

Hi Cupcake! No insulin please. I'll have a beer!

Hi Cupcake! No insulin please. I’ll have a beer!

Jake update – Jake is our neurotic, geriatric, slightly senile (but lovable) cat. After eight years of giving him insulin shots twice a day, he is in remission. He did this once before but it only lasted a week. It’s been three weeks without shots. Woo hoo! If only I could get him to stop his midnight yodeling, life would be good.

So how was your week?

59 thoughts on “Random 5 for August 30 – Bumper stickers, forgetfulness, cool nights, books, cats

    • Maybe I read what was available at the time. We did get two books (none that I would have read) and two magazines for them. They come next weekend. If they don’t read them or don’t like them I am sure their Mom will donate them somewhere appropriate. You are right about kids today. Some things are the same but they have so many more opportunities than I had and it makes them more “wordly.” I don’t think I’m “worldly” yet.


  1. 10-12 year olds read differently now. Nancy Drew move over. (I had Hardy Boys from my older brother)
    Mine was into Stephen King at that age, and some teen girl series was popular ( which she found stupidly written – oh, I think it was Babysitters’ Club or something). What about some Poe short stories? How much fun looking at books anyway.
    Paws crossed for Jake.


  2. I hope Jake’s remission is long-lasting! It must be such a relief when he experiences improvement! Unfortunately I relate all too well to losing coupons, forgetting to bring gift cards and being unprepared at times to take advantages of discounts. I”m a little envious that fall is in the air! We have at least another full month of high heat that won’t even begin to let fall make an early appearance! I’m very eager for fall! I always enjoy your Random 5, Kate!


    • We are back in the 90s this week but the difference is the cooling at night. I like fall weather but it brings winter with it which I am not a fan of. For gift cards I have to make a dedicated trip to use them or they age on my desk.


  3. I think I read most, if not all, of Nancy Drew books when I was kid. I remember them all lined up in my book shelf. I used to read Pippi Longstocking, too. 🙂 Good news about Jake, hope it continues. Me and coupons…….it never works so I don’t even try. 🙂


    • For coupons, $1 is my threshold. Anything under that isn’t worth the time. Now I’m thinking of moving my threshold to $5 although the amount on the coupon doesn’t seem to encourage my memory at all. I was big on Trixie Belden as a kid. Had all her books.

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  4. Life is complicated enough without having to remember where the coupon is and then bringing it with you. And even if you bring it with you, you have to take it out of your purse when it’s time to pay.

    Our weather changed dramatically yesterday. Fortunately we had highs in the 70s last week while my family was visiting. Yesterday we had a big windstorm that knocked the electricity out for most of us (24 hours at my house), and then it rained most of the night. After a drier than normal summer, we needed the rain. I hope they got some in Eastern Washington where the fires are raging, but the wind couldn’t have been good.


  5. My wife and I have the same problem when we make a list for what we want to get at the store. Then when we get to the store, it strikes us that we left the list back on the counter at home. That forces us to wonder around the store, two sad looking people shopping, and not sure what to buy. Its very sad.


    • Tried that idea and left it in the car. Also put in my purse. Then I totally forgot when I paid. Now if I really want to use it, I put it with my credit card or my money depending on how I’m paying. Even then it’s not perfect.


  6. Seems like every merchant I deal with offers a membership or rewards card. Hard to keep track of all of them.
    My vet’s license plate: Dawg MD. I love that!
    I’m sure Jake is enjoying his remission also. Wishing him well.


  7. When I was your granddaughters’ age, I loved supernatural and fantasy books too! I don’t think I ever read a Nancy Drew book. I’m always forgetting coupons (often when they are actually in my purse). Having a good memory is definitely not one of my superpowers.


    • I don’t think I ever read (even to this day) a supernatural or fantasy book. We did buy a few books today. There is even a “romance” section for the young readers noted age 10-12. Seriously? Are they into romance at that age? I thought boys were yucky then.

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    • He did this about 5 years ago but only for a week and then his glucose level took off. His insulin needs have been decreasing over the past year or so. He took very little. It was annoying to be sure he got them 12 hours apart and when it was just a few drops. Keeping fingers crossed. His diet hasn’t changed so I have no idea what triggered this and I’m not sure it will last. He’s old but his kidney/liver function is still normal.


  8. Way to go Jake…he yodels? Does he ski too?

    I too am enjoying the breezy nights lolling under a cotton sheet. We hardly had any hot weather this summer. Can’t say I’m sorry.

    About Miss I make milk…do you think she was breastfeeding while in the drive-thru… lactating while drinking a latte…women, we can do anything.

    Love the R5


  9. I’ve got a book recommendation depending on how old they are! I have an ongoing pinterest board for that which I will admit that I haven’t updated in a while but The Book of Speculation was great, so was The Uncommon Reader (I think you might really enjoy it.) Also, Girl Online by Zoe Sugg was brilliant (Teen fiction though)


  10. Great news about Jake. Hope the remission stays a long while.
    There was a man here whose plate was 2thdr. He was a pediatric dentist. Sadly, he was killed while riding his bike by a hit and run driver.


  11. Love your randoms Kate! If I wasn’t too tall I would want to move into the Hobbit House. It looks so darned cozy. Glad Jake is in remission for however long it lasts. His yodeling is probably in celebration. 🙂

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  12. Hope you have lots of fun times with the girls, I know you will. Glad for the good news on your old/wobby kitty, they are amazing at how they can still be around in spite of all of their challenges!

    I don’t get the personalized plate thing, esp when I have to sit and figure out what it means – and I usually just give up because I don’t care all that much …

    Fun post, Kate!


  13. That’s great news about Jake! Hope the remission lasts as long as he does.

    Enjoy your granddaughters’ visit ~> if you can’t decide which books to buy for them, you could take them to choose their own books.

    I bet they don’t choose “The Lactating Pumpkyn.” :/


    • I didn’t think Jake would be around this year. His blood work is perfect but he’s old and wobbly. We’ll do a good bit of shopping with the girls but I always like to have some surprises on hand.


  14. Shannon Hale’s “Princess Academy” books might be too young for your nieces, but the “Hex Hall” series is a good one if they are into the supernatural.

    Hooray for Jake! Great news, even if only for a week.

    So…what ARE your superpowers? Other than “Entertaining Writer/ Amazing Cat Mom.” 🙂


    • You never know! We’re going shopping for books today. It will be interesting to see what else is in. I was a big reader as a kid and I read all of those kid books right before I got my hands on Michener’s Hawaii (age 13). Fortunately my mother didn’t know how much sex was in that book or I wouldn’t have been allowed to read it. It’s still one of my favs.

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