Four years going strong


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Without readers there are no writers!

Today it’s been four years since I first hit the Publish button. What a ride!

I have learned a lot about the internet and I like to think my writing improved.

It improved from reading your posts. It improved from getting your comments (your awesome comments!). It improved because you taught me things I didn’t know or never thought of. 

(Hot damn why didn’t I think of that!)

You taught me it’s ok to break grammar rules taught to me by ancient, strict nuns with fat (hard) rulers.

You have encouraged me with your “likes” and comments.

You continue to amaze me with your talent. Not only are my blogging writer friends fabulous but the photographers, the poets, artists and the very musically talented folks are inspiring too.

Thank you all for teaching me so much and entertaining me. Thanks for your support and all the giggles and tears.

Thanks to you animal folks who are soooooo loyal to critters everywhere. You are so close to my heart.

You made me snort coffee through my nose.

My eyes have occasionally popped out of my head. (I had to reread the sentence to be sure you really said what I thought you said!)

You made me sob in my keyboard.

I have cried when you lost a pet or loved one.

I grieved with you.

I have laughed and loved with you.

I’ve been on vacation with you and gotten to know your home towns.

I know your families.

(I know this is getting creepy!)

It feels as if I know many of you personally which is really bizarre. You could be an axe murderer. If you are, please don’t tell me. You will burst my bubble. (Really creepy!)

Thank you all for reading my humble blog.

I wrote this two years ago (more or less — I can’t leave anything go without tweaks) but I couldn’t say it any better. Thank you all!

54 thoughts on “Four years going strong

  1. Happy Fourth Year Kate! All your feelings are mutual and I like to think I never miss one of your posts and I rarely miss commenting. You are a thought provoker and a smile maker – the best there is in cyberspace. 🙂 Hugs! ~Dor


  2. Congrats on FOUR years – that’s awesome! I always look forward to your posts and hope you’ll still be blogging away for a long, long time.


  3. Kate, it is always fun to read your blog. To be thanked for doing so is like getting to have your cake and eat it too, mind you I’m still not sure what that really means—because if I have my cake you can be sure I’m going to eat it too. Wrote this thank you two years ago, huh? With the tweaking, it kind of feels like when you get a DVD, but includes the directors cut with additional footage—or in this case… tweaking. I look forward to reading your blog (cats and all), humble as it may be, because it provides a ray of sunshine (not to mention its loads better than waking up to a newspaper) to my day. Keep writing! :O)


  4. I so look forward to your blogs! I hope you keep blogging for years to come. Thank you for making my day more pleasant! I too lift my coffee (and ‘rita and beer!) mug to you!


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